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EMacro 2.8.8

This is the last single-user version of EMacro. Future releases will require root access to a shared folder, for even easier packaging and install in the future.

Emacs with EMacro gives you everything you expect in a modern editor:
msft extended cua bindings: C-c, C-x, C-v
copy cut & past popup menu
extensive online help menus
on-the-fly spell checking that doesn't get in the way (requires
aspell/ispell/spell in PATH)
tabbed toolbar
syntax coloring
and, of course, easy installation!
Emacs is also famous for its innovations that later show up in other
editors.... read more

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2004-01-28

EMacro v2.8.5 + NYC local

Cygwin users should add http://emacro.sourceforge.net/cygwin to setup.exe's URLs. See the install docs from the web for details.
Catch Bruce Ingalls, the main EMacro author live in NYC on Wed, Dec 10, 2003. See http://www.gnubies.org/ for details

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2003-12-09

EMacro 2.8.4 - Furlan's Gold

EMacro, the easy .emacs editor configuration system now better supports the native look & feel of your desktop. It's been mostly tested on Red Hat, Microsoft Windows 2000 & XP and Cygwin.

Let us know your OS version and Editor version, and if you'd like to follow easy instructions to package for your platform.

Results will be posted to the project forum.

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2003-11-11

EMacro 2.8

The .emacs configuration system that makes Emacs and XEmacs easy.
More web browser support and bugfixes

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2003-07-08

Tramp with EMacro 2.7.2 beta

I have been working with Kai Grossjohann, author of Tramp, to get it working smoothly under MS Windows.
The results are in EMacro Libs v0.9.
I had problems testing an older release of XEmacs native. However, a newer Cygwin based version of XEmacs tested well, as does Emacs.
Let us know how well Tramp/EMacro work for you, by providing feedback to http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/tramp/

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2003-05-29

v2.6 EMacro Freedom

The easy, yet powerful editor setup.
Emacs & XEmacs are the editors that forged Free Source.
With no expertese, you are ready to edit anything, anywhere, and no wasted time reconfiguring.

This release has an unified look & feel and a Customize Option for your favorite key theme (cua, native, gnome, kde).

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2003-04-11

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