EMacro 2.8.8

This is the last single-user version of EMacro. Future releases will require root access to a shared folder, for even easier packaging and install in the future.

Emacs with EMacro gives you everything you expect in a modern editor:
msft extended cua bindings: C-c, C-x, C-v
copy cut & past popup menu
extensive online help menus
on-the-fly spell checking that doesn't get in the way (requires
aspell/ispell/spell in PATH)
tabbed toolbar
syntax coloring
and, of course, easy installation!
Emacs is also famous for its innovations that later show up in other

Here are the installation particulars:
Existing EMacro users
Read the ChangeLog, to see what's new
Always run e-refresh to remove ~/emacs/preferences/e-*cache.el
If you run Gnome or w32, they should also delete/comment out the
"use-browser" line in
~/emacs/preferences/e-prefs.el so that EMacro will respect changes
in the system default browser.

New EMacro users
First, install the Emacs or XEmacs editor
Be sure to also grab both EMacro Libs and the deprecated EMacro Libs
Old from
<url: http://emacro.sf.net/ >
You will want the libraries in the 'Libs Old, unless you have built
Emacs from CVS, or you are reading this announcement after Summer 2004
If you run a Linux compatible system, also grab setuphome.sh, which
copies the config files from
/etc/skel/ to your HOME directory (including the hidden .emacs file)
If all else fails, read the docs in ~/emacs/doc/, which mirror the web docs

Posted by Bruce Ingalls 2004-01-28

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