Developer Username Role/Position
prince agyemapr Admin
Donna Boyer djboyer Admin
Brian Richardson intel-brian Admin
Jordan Justen jljusten Admin
Laurie Jarlstrom laurie0131 Admin
Lee Hamel lhamel Admin
Michael Krau michaelkrau Admin
Tiano Admin tianocore Admin
Tony Mangefeste tmangefeste Admin
Ard Biesheuvel abiesheuvel Developer
Andrew Fish andrewfish Developer
Ashley DeSimone ashdesimone Developer
bob_feng bobfeng Developer
Bowen Zhou bowenzhou Developer
czhan46 czhang46 Developer
dandanbi dandanbi Developer
Daryl McDaniel darylm503 Developer
Di Tang ditang Developer
feng tian erictian Developer
Evan evanchai Developer
Wang fanwang2 Developer
Guo Dong gdong1 Developer
Erik Bjorge geekboy15a Developer
Kun Gui gikidy Developer
Hess Chen hchen30 Developer
Hot Tian hhtian Developer
davidhuang hhuan13 Developer
htao htao Developer
Zhenqing Hu huzq Developer
Hao Wu hwu1225 Developer
Ismail Fal ismailfaljones Developer
Jaben Carsey jcarsey Developer
Stanely Chen jchen20 Developer
Jean Wang jeanwang Developer
Jiong Gong jgong5 Developer
jiaxinwu jiaxinwu Developer
Eric Jin jjin9 Developer
Nicole jli14 Developer
jlin16 jlin16 Developer
Jiang Liu jliu66 Developer
jikui su jsu1 Developer
jwang36 jwang36 Developer
Jing Wang jwang53 Developer
jiewen yao jyao1 Developer
Kelly Steele kellysteele Developer
Ken Lu klu2 Developer
kevin li kylinew Developer
Lee Rosenbaum leegrosenbaum Developer
Leif Lindholm leiflindholm Developer
Laszlo Ersek lersek Developer
Liming Gao lgao4 Developer
Larry Hauch lhauch Developer
Elvin Li li-elvin Developer
JijiaLi lijijia Developer
Lei Jin ljin6 Developer
Lee Leahy lpleahy Developer
luobo luobozhang Developer
Star Zeng lzeng14 Developer
Maurice Ma mauricema Developer
Michael Kinney mdkinney Developer
mike wu mikewuping Developer
Myron Porter myronporter Developer
niruiyu niruiyu Developer
Olivier Martin oliviermartin Developer
Penny Gao pgao2 Developer
Qing Huang qhuang8 Developer
qian ouyang qianouyang Developer
Qin LONG qlong Developer
Scott Wang qwang12 Developer
Ruth Li rli6 Developer
Rui Sun rsun3 Developer
Siyuan Fu sfu5 Developer
Qiu, Shumin shenshushi Developer
Chris Li sli19 Developer
Steve Howard stevenrayhoward Developer
Ding Ting tding1 Developer
Tim timhe Developer
Ting Ye tye1 Developer
Jeff Fan vanjeff Developer
vincent zimmer vzimmer Developer
Wenjie Jiang wenjiejiang Developer
Richard Du xdu2 Developer
Alex Gu xgu3 Developer
Leon Li xli24 Developer
Sam Wu xwu10 Developer
Eric Dong ydong10 Developer
Yingke Liu yingke Developer
Yan Wang ywang76 Developer
ywu21 ywu21 Developer
Yonghong yzhu52 Developer
David Wei zwei4 Developer
EDK II Build System edk2buildsystem Mirror

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