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  • Committed [b5035e]

    MdeModulePkg/TcpIoLib: Check input Timeout before calling CheckEvent() service.

  • Committed [267345]

    MdeModulePkg/TcpIoLib: Cancel TCP token if connect/accept is timeout.

  • Committed [5d8aa7]

    ShellPkg: Add error message if failed to place receive token in ping command.

  • Committed [fca047]

    NetworkPkg: Print error message to screen if error occurs during HTTP boot.

  • Committed [0d07a8]

    MdeModulePkg/SNP: remove redundant DEBUG print in SNP Transmit.c

  • Committed [19bd13]

    NetworkPkg: Fix incorrect SizeofHeaders returned from HttpTcpReceiveHeader().

  • Committed [29788f]

    MdeModulePkg: Update IP4 stack to support point-to-point link with 31-bit mask.

  • Committed [176eb3]

    OptionRomPkg: Fix calling convention issue for UndiRuntiumeDxe driver.

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