Credit screen

  • Andrew Apted

    Andrew Apted - 2005-05-10

    I'm creating a credit screen to go with the title screen, and finding it difficult to know exactly who to put on it.  Here is what I'm currently planning:

    Andrew Baker, Andrew Apted
    Marc Pullen, Luke Brennan

    Erik Sandberg, Kester Maddock
    Ziggy Gnarly, Sidearm Joe
    Captain Mellow

    DECENDED FROM DosDoom 0.61 by Chi Hoang

    The previous members part is the sticking point. I think Kester had left when DosDoom became EDGE. But there are too many people if we go all the way back to DosDoom (David Leatherdale, John Coles, Martin Howe, etc etc).

    • Andy Baker

      Andy Baker - 2005-05-10

      I'd be more sparse that that. Remove the "previous members" sections and the "descended from" statement  - and instead have a special thanks section instead. I would include Chi Hoang, Erik Sandberg and Kester Maddock. Everybody else gets shipped off to a contributors list in CREDITS. I suspect that a future development would be a scrolling view of this CREDITS file.

      FWIW, The version of DOSDoom we branched from was 0.653. I'm not sure it was every released without checking.

    • Andrew Apted

      Andrew Apted - 2005-05-10

      That sounds good.

      As for dosdoom, the one I've got is version 0.64.

    • Martin Howe

      Martin Howe - 2005-05-23

      My stuff (the original walking over/under monsters code) got superceded years ago; heck, I was surprised to be included in the V1.27 credits screen :) Still, it'd be nice to be in a "past contributors" list. Go for it!

      • Andrew Apted

        Andrew Apted - 2005-05-23

        A "past contributors" list is a good idea.  I reckon we'll add a section in the standard README file, and also put it on the web page when the overhaul is finally done.


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