#18 Gestures made with buttons other than main do not work


When all of my gestures are made with only one button (e.g. button 3, my right-click) they all work perfectly. However, if for some applications I use a different button, no gestures can be inputted (as if easystroke was not running, or if I was using the wrong button) unless I toggle the easystroke dialog. After toggling the easystroke dialog, the application suddenly recognizes Easystroke. In my window manager, wmfs (a tiling window manager), changing the layout appears to "reset" the setting fixed by toggling easystroke, and I must again toggle the easystroke dialog to be able to input gestures. In my setup, I had button 1 as my main gesture button, and button 3 for xournal, and the behavior was as described. I used to have this problem in dwm, but it went away, but I really hope there's something you can do, Tom. I know this isn't a problem with application-specific gestures as gestures made in apvlv (which uses button 1, same as the default button) work just fine, right off the bat. My computer is running ArchLinux, 64-bit, easystroke 0.5.0-1.


  • - 2009-11-10

    Forgot to mention that I am able to toggle the easystroke dialog by making the gesture *outside* of the application that uses the different gesture button, e.g. xournal.

  • - 2009-11-10

    Okay, things were not *quite* as rosy as I thought with the gestures all set to one button, with no exceptions, for, in the applications which have their own application-specific gestures, the regular easystroke gestures are recognized right off the bat, but the application specific ones are *not* unless I switch tags in wmfs (like switching workspaces in Gnome). After switching between tags, then returning back to say, xournal, enables xournal-specific-gestures to work. Same with apvlv.

  • Thomas Jaeger

    Thomas Jaeger - 2009-11-11

    My guess is that the window manager reparents application windows in an unconventional way. Can you attach the output of xwininfo -root -tree?

  • - 2009-11-12
  • - 2009-11-12

    Tom, I've attached the xwininfo you requested. Thank you so much for looking into this!

  • - 2009-11-22

    Tom, I just switched back to dwm (runs far more stable), and the problem is similar there, but less severe. So, I switch to another tag and easystroke does not work with the main gesture button (button 1), while I have listed programs in the exceptions category that use button 3. *However*, easystroke is activated with button 3 (and this is not in those applications in general... just a blank screen; I distinguish easystroke being "activated" because I can see my gesture appear on the screen--I have set gestures to appear in the default mode). One thing to point out though is despite easystroke being activated, the first gesture I make with button 3 (on this blank screen) does nothing, but the second one does what it should. Hopefully this input helps.

    If I list no programs as exceptions, and only use button 3 (my right-click), then easystroke works perfectly, as it should.

    Easystroke had far worse problems in wmfs... for instance, easystroke could not be started at boot, or no keyboard input could work (but Ctrl-Alt-F keys did work, and switching to a console, pkilling easystroke, than switching back to X, reactivated the keyboard). But I find dwm simpler to use, so no longer can confirm if any wmfs issues are fixed. But this comment is specific to my experience under dwm. Thank you, so much, for looking into this!


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