#235 RTKit support for Linux


After FastTracker skipping on me for the last time I added RTKit support
to dosbox so I could run it nice -13 or realtime prio 10 on my default
Fedora 13 install.

RealtimeKit is used in recent Linuxes to provide realtime scheduling to
common user processes.

See the RTKit GIT at:
for details on RTKit.

This support is optional if specifying --enable-rtkit when building
dosbox. (Uses autoconf.)

The solution of looing into /proc for finding the subtasks of dosbox
is not very elegant, I'd like help from dosbox developers on how to
do this right (if there is a way even).


  • Linus Walleij

    Linus Walleij - 2010-09-29

    As you can see I've been refining the patch in the tracker, it's real
    nice now I think.

  • Linus Walleij

    Linus Walleij - 2010-10-23

    NB: this solution will always raise the main thread of DOSBox to
    a low nice / RT Prio, which is the important thing. The heuristics
    for raising the forked threads are probably not as important.

  • Linus Walleij

    Linus Walleij - 2011-06-07

    Ping on this...

  • Linus Walleij

    Linus Walleij - 2014-10-30

    Ping on this...


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