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  • Committed [r3964]

    Be a bit more flexible. Parse ver set 3.2 corre...

  • Modified ticket #433 on DOSBox

    crash on divide by zero using int 21h ah=23h

  • Posted a comment on ticket #433 on DOSBox

    fixed in 3962

  • Committed [r3962]

    Use record size of 128 if it is 0 in the FCB wh...

  • Modified ticket #415 on DOSBox

    Silverball makes Dosbox hang

  • Modified ticket #431 on DOSBox

    Titus The Fox under DOSBox SVN r3954

  • Modified ticket #430 on DOSBox

    Minor signed integer overflow in DBOPL's Chip::Setup

  • Committed [r3957]

    minor cleanup

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2002-05-05 09:51:18


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