#182 Innovation SSI-2001 emulation


This patch adds emulation for the very rare SID-based
Innovation SSI-2001 card. The emulation is based on
reSID 0.16.
reSID source files are added under src/hardware/reSID
with only the following changes:
1) .cpp extension is used instead of .cc;
2) In siddefs.h VERSION is replaced by "0.16";
3) In sid.cpp line 521 log(2) is replaced with log(2.)
(was causing compile error).
Emulation is controlled by section [innova] in
dosbox.conf. Emulation can be enabled/disabled
(disabled by default); sample rate can be changed
(22050 seems to be optimal); SID base port can be
changed; quality can be adjusted (maps to reSID
sampling method).
Tested with Ultima 6 -- everything seems to work fine.
The card is listed in installer as "Innovation" (the
very last option in sound).
- I've compiled this patch only with VS2003. All
necessary changes for other toolchains are there but I
cannot verify that everything works.
- I don't have any other games that support this card
so I cannot test them.
- I don't have the actual hardware so I cannot tell if
the emulation is authentic. It sounds "right," but
that's about it.


  • Vasyl Tsvirkunov

    Logged In: YES

    Small update to the patch. Now using 1.023MHz (NTSC)
    frequency instead of 985KHz (PAL).


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