#108 MT-32 MIDI software synthesis backend


Here is another MIDI software synthesizer backend for DosBox' MPU-401
emulation. I found it in a forum and because it didn't make up its way to the
DosBox project at SourceForge, I post it now, so that it won't get lost.

It is aimed at emulating a Roland MT-32 through the use of the "mt32emu"
library, which is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/munt/

Apply first to current DosBox CVS my previous patch named "MIDI
wavetable software synthesis backend" or apply by hand.

I mainly added a new "configure" item to automatically detect the
availability of the "mt32emu" library.

To use it, add entries to dosbox.conf like:


When you first run DOSBox with mt32 enabled you will have to wait a
minute or two because it has to create the waveformcache-<samplerate>-
440.00.raw based on the rate you choose. Also the MT32 Emulation is very
CPU intensive and right now the samplerate default is 22050 which is
decent enough (though it sounds better at 44100).

You should be able to use DOSBox with MT32 emulation as long as you
have a proper MT32_CONTROL.ROM and a MT32_PCM.ROM in your
current directory (case sensitive).


  • Christian Lestrade

    MPU-401 MT32 emulation backend

  • TaeWoong Yoo

    TaeWoong Yoo - 2005-08-04

    Logged In: YES

    There is another patch for MT-32 emulation.
    What is the difference between them?


  • Christian Lestrade

    Logged In: YES

    It is the same patch, but adapted to the latest MT32
    emulation library available at http://prdownloads.
    sourceforge.net/munt/mt32emu-0.1.3.tar.gz and using
    conditional compilation directives so that the code gets
    compiled only when "./configure"d for. So, this patch is a
    good candidate for integration into the main CVS branch.

    Actually, to get the code working, one should:
    1. Apply the patch
    2. Run "autoconf" to update the "configure" script
    3. Run "./configure" which will detect the installed
    libmt32emu library
    4. Run "make" as usual

  • wolverine79936

    wolverine79936 - 2013-09-25

    So... In order for this to work, you have to recompile it. The Windows Binary you have listed does not have this automatically turned on? I have to recompile yet again for it to work?

    Please tell me I am wrong.


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