#59 Start with minimized status window


For Windows, if you set the shortcut to DosBox to open
Minimized, the status window indeed does start
minimized, and the DosBox window opens normally.
This is actually rather nice. Perhaps the install program
for DosBox should be modified to create the shortcut
set to Minimized to reduce confusion for newbies to


  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2005-09-28

    Logged In: YES

    do you mean the -noconsole flag
    or some special windows only flag ?

    Could you give an example of what you mean. ? (syntax wise)

    The status window is essential when dosbox crashes. It
    sometimes does on startup when it has trouble with the
    videocard drivers.

    However starting it minialized isn't such a bad idea.

  • Cyber M. Taco

    Cyber M. Taco - 2005-09-30

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    Yep, it's a Windows-special thing. Just about any shortcut (icon)
    can be set to start maximized, normal, or minimized. Take a look
    at the "Run:" line in the attached picture.
    It would be something to change with the installer program for the
    windows version of DosBox, not DosBox itself. :-)


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