#47 Support for more memory


Right now the max is 64mb. It would be nice if we could
use up to 128mb (or even more).

It's my understanding that it's kinda a tricky thing to do,


  • Zdenek Sojka

    Zdenek Sojka - 2005-04-01

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    Well, afaik, XMS driver HIMEM cannot handle more than 64MB
    (more would be useless). You would need an EMS driver like
    EMM386. This also requires a lot of work with Virtual86
    mode, which is not so well implemented yet (ProtectedMode is
    still very buggy). Hope later... but, do you really need
    more than 64MB to use DOS progs?

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2005-09-28

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    It's not tricky.
    But some tables related to memory grow with the same size,
    which isn't a good thing.

    A few games don't work with a lot of memory and I know of
    very little to no game that actually supports more than 64 mb.

    (as far as I know dos4gw can not use more than 64 mb as
    well. I don't have the game redgaurd/red baron, but I don't
    believe the claim it needs more than 64 mb memory) maybe
    some else is wrong.

    zsjoka: protected mode is quite stable in the cvs btw. XMS
    is indeed troublesome.

  • takysoft

    takysoft - 2007-11-06

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    Well, as of my knowledge...
    No program ever created in dos needs more memory than 64mb.

    There are even a few games which have problems with this ammount.
    For example Toonstruck can't initialize SVGA mode, if you have more that 16mb.

    It would be possible i think to support more memory, but it's not needed.
    It would only cause compatibility issues.


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