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Hi ya'll,

With respect I am a VERY long term spec guy in IM,
inventor of the Smart Shuttle (in 1975 -- got 00 for it
total) and have spent the last 16 years working on a
unified theory of intelligence.

I literally gave up on finding anything better at managing
"snips" of info than an old DOS program called
squarenote, (which I call squarenoteS, programmed by
Luci Lynch, original BofA automated teller programmer,
and it shows in capacity, speed, reliability, and interface.

And though I think I could have gotten it to run with
some work using winXP advanced config, I put it on the
back burner and forgot how. Anyway a year later I HAD
to get my paper in order and HAD to resurrect it. I tried
DOSBOX and it was really easy to get this three layer
config back again to full function.

Three layers = 1) Newkey (DOS scripting), 2) Webster's
pro thesaurous, and 3) Squarenotes.

I'll tell you one feature that will WAY outdo MS built-in
emulation, and that's if you implement a send-keys
feature so that I can program this thing using Windows
scripting (Macro Express is my tool).

There is NO sendkeys interface for DOS programs that I
can find, and please correct me if I'm wrong, and I shall
reqard thee most highly. AND all the end-user scripting
tools leave it out. It seems like a natural to enable it
directly at the DOS interface as it would be universal.

Anyway that said I pledge a 0 donation for this

Best regards,


  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2004-03-14

    Logged In: YES

    I don't understand what you exactly mean with sendkeys.
    Do want a way to give commands to dosbox (like start this
    or do you want pure keyboard coupling ?
    The latter is quite hard to do cross-platform (a prequiste
    for a cross-platform DOS-emulator)

    If you want to send keys to a windows terminal (ms dos
    emulation) this is certainly possible. I don't know if
    somebody coded this specificly, but I've seen things which
    do that
    this one for example catches key in program and sends them
    to the active terminal (it's a wrapper for a game so
    keyinput is wrapped as well)
    It's released under a somewhat free license as well. Take a look

  • John I R Meghly

    John I R Meghly - 2004-04-11

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    Boop -- (Qbix) you got the jist of it and I found two aps that
    work with native DOS windows but of course DOSBOX is an
    emulator in a protected environment. One is TPushkeys, which
    has a demo ap, but which is freeware as a delphi package
    (bpi/bpl/GID/lib & hlp). Perhaps you can adapt this to do the

    The other one is your name nemesis, DOSBOX-B (PowerBasic
    -- I added the "B"). I don't know much about it yet and can't
    go much further for a while (I have a ****load). But if I can
    believe what it says (occassionally works out) then it has a
    ton of features for said control -- again of native DOS

    One problem I am staring at is with multiple DOSBOX iterations
    -- I typically run four of my text DB ap -- I cannot distinguish
    between windows at all, and it would help a great deal in
    further experimentation if iterations were sequentially
    numbered. i.e. each DOSBOX window opened on the system is
    currently "DOSBOX 0.61, Cpu cycles: ..." and could be
    "DOSBOX 1, CPU cycles: ...," etc. This will enable the system
    to find a specific window for automation of the kind. Even
    better if you can user prompt for a window title. This can be
    easily automated for a workspace script.

    After about a dozen hours of research I learned that text
    based aps that directly manipulate memory fall into the game
    category and need a protected environment to run in XP. My
    ap does some amazing stuff with text and I have run technical
    libraries and offices with it for years -- until XP. If I can
    actually modernize it I will make it public as part of the IM
    system that I am developing with several independent
    shareware guys, to matrix their bricks into a pretty fine IM wall
    (general KM). I've been working on this non-stop for four years
    and am pretty close to going for consulting position and/or
    venture pervue. Literally a few weeks.

    See what you think about user prompt for window title and
    check out the TPUSHKEYS and DOSBOX-B (PowerBasic). What
    it would take doesn't have to be as sophisticated as
    DOSBOX-B claims to be -- but it might be cool.... Most fancy
    features can be scripted in the Windows system -- I do it with
    plain text all the time -- look at HTML for example!

    B -John

  • John I R Meghly

    John I R Meghly - 2004-04-11

    Logged In: YES


    I just checked and TPushkeys works as advertized WITH
    DOSBOX, which means that scripting of my beloved text ap is
    possible from Windows. This will mean I can use a single
    system-scripting tool instead of relying on a very old TSR
    (which no one but me can appreciate). The only immediate
    drawback to using the demo ap is the interface window, which
    is big, but MAY run in background (not sure). And again the
    only real obstacle is with the sequential numbering or
    user-prompted naming of DOSBOX windows.

    Hoo-rah! -John

  • John I R Meghly

    John I R Meghly - 2004-04-11

    Logged In: YES


    These comments are in reverse chron! (oops!)

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2004-06-13

    Logged In: YES

    The current source of dosbox put's the name of the executed
    program in the window title.
    So either create coppies of your program with different
    executable names or run different programs.
    I think this feature request can be closed as you can search
    for the right dosbox window now.


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