#362 CLS

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User defined fonts in VGA BIOS won't persist after performing shell command: CLS (Clear screen)

I've attached an example program with assembly code.

Run example program. Type CLS.
In original DOS the fonts persists.
It does not in DOSBOX (which is either a feature or a bug) :) Imho, a bug.
(It looks like you're doing a mode change or something - I dont think CLS in original DOS is doing a mode change - it probably only clears the screenbuffer and moves the cursor position, if i am not mistaken).


  • Rudi B. Stranden

    Userfont executable COM file

  • Rudi B. Stranden

    Userfont assembly file

  • Rudi B. Stranden

    You should try check if accumulator low bits (AL) have the same video mode before as after CLS if you're calling interrupt 10h.

  • Peter Veenstra

    Peter Veenstra - 2012-01-25

    we do indeed do a modeset in our CLS.
    (which is in the dosbox case beneficial as we don't have a mode.com to reset the screen.)

    Nonetheless I consider it a bug as well.
    Thanks for reporting it


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