#73 Improved table colum width support

James Evans

This patch does two things:

1 ) adds a 'widths' option to the 'table' directive that allows for specifying of column widths for a standard table, much like csv-table does.

2) add a 'nocolgroup' option to the 'table' directive that instructs the HTML write to not output any 'colgroup' tags for the table.

The patch is not perfect, but has made using tables many, many, many times easier for myself and my team members.


  • James Evans

    James Evans - 2010-03-26

    patch generated against stock docutils-0.6

  • Günter Milde

    Günter Milde - 2010-03-31

    Adding "width" to the table directive to bring it in line with csv-table and list-table makes sense to me.
    We need, however, support for all writers, not just the HTML one.

    What problems do you have with the "colgroup"?
    As this seems to be writer specific, I suggest using a special
    class value instead of a new option for the "nocolgroup".
    This would also allow to specify this in the config file as default
    for all tables (with the table-style setting/cmd-line option).

  • Günter Milde

    Günter Milde - 2016-08-05
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> None

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