#164 I18n support

ODT Writer (14)

When I run rst2odt with a non english language (-l command line option), my bibliographic fields are translated to english instead of using the original language.

For example, using the french language, the original document contains a 'Auteur' field, but the resulting odt document contains 'Author'.


  • Olivier Samyn

    Olivier Samyn - 2011-06-23

    Minimal test file.

  • Dave Kuhlman

    Dave Kuhlman - 2011-06-24

    OK, I'm working on it. I've made some fixes and they seem to work
    with the following:


    Are there others that I've missed?

    I also made a fix to the generation of the Table of Contents
    (Sommaire), but I don't believe that one is correct yet.

    I'll try to upload a patched version in a day or so, after fixing
    the table of contents and after doing more testing.

    - Dave


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