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RDM Remote Device Management Support Alpha

I have just uploaded a new version of the library with basic RDM support and examples on how to use it. A lot of testing still need to be done so if you find bugs please let me know.

Currently the library support the minimum required plus a few additional functions such as device label, dmx start address and dmx personality settings. More is planned to be supported at a later time.

the library with RDM support is uploaded separately since it consumes more memory than the dmx only library. The library version without RDM will remain available as well. ... read more

Posted by Conceptinetics 2013-04-26

Dmx shields for arduino

For the people who are looking for pre-build DMX shields to work with for an affordable price can order at

This shield has two 3-pin NEUTRIK XLR connectors (male+female) and various pin configurations can be made by using the onboard jumpers.

Have fun!

Posted by Conceptinetics 2013-04-18

RDM ... Looking for testers

The first library release with minimum RDM Support is about to come soon.. and therefore looking for tester who would like to help.

Please leave a message to the project admin if interested

Posted by Conceptinetics 2013-04-15

RDM (Remote device management support) ... available soon

For the ones interested, currently RDM support is being added to the library. The first release with RDM support will contain the very minimum set of requirements for DMX devices. The RDM_Responder will fully incorporate with the current DMX_Slave in out library.

After this release the plans are there to start supporting more features of the RDM protocol, these will be implemented by what we think is most useful in early stage for people who are starting to use these new features.... read more

Posted by Conceptinetics 2013-04-10 Labels: Arduino DMX Arduino RDM Remote Device Management Conceptinetics DMX RDM Shield DMX Shield for Arduino