RDM (Remote device management support) ... available soon

For the ones interested, currently RDM support is being added to the library. The first release with RDM support will contain the very minimum set of requirements for DMX devices. The RDM_Responder will fully incorporate with the current DMX_Slave in out library.

After this release the plans are there to start supporting more features of the RDM protocol, these will be implemented by what we think is most useful in early stage for people who are starting to use these new features.

This update also required changes to the underlying structure of the library, the interface towards the users which are using the DMX classes right now will remain unchanged. Together with the release I will write down more details on this.

I will keep you updated via this BLOG and let everyone know as soon as the first version with RDM support is available for download.

Posted by Conceptinetics 2013-04-10 Labels: Arduino DMX Arduino RDM Remote Device Management Conceptinetics DMX RDM Shield DMX Shield for Arduino