I wrote long writing about this request but server eat it. I write short one now :)

First, Prefix (or postfix) needed to indicate which file is now or not. Like property like "Relative output" (in svn head version ) it absolutely required. "DivFix++" string is good for advertisement. On other side, you can also force output name via script on CLI run.

Log error coloring is good. But DivFix++ doesn't know what is error and what is junk-white space. It counts all of those as error. But avi file with 5-10 MB white space chunk between frames is not error. Some says increase playability on some systems ( I though it obsolete ). So cleaning theese whitespaces and JUNK chunks from AVI decrease file size some megabytes but has no effect on playing and visual. So there are no error and %100 compatible with AVI definitions. I needed to make DivFix++ learn which things are error and which ones are cleaning. After that its good to indicate files with errors by coloring :)

Thanks for feedback Helmut.
Best wishes, Erdem