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DivFix++ exceeds one Million downloads.

The #1 AVI repair and preview utility, DivFix++, passed one millionth downloads from SourceForge mirrors... Thank you to SourceForge for serve 1.2 TB data traffic.

Posted by Death Knight® 2011-01-20

DivFix++ now supports 13 languages.

DivFix++ AVI video preview and repair program now supports Ukrainian locale with other 12 languages!


Posted by Death Knight® 2009-08-27

DivFix++ v0.33 Ready for Download

DivFix++ is an AVI Video Repair & Preview program released v0.33.
This version adds WMV codec family and has lots of bug fixes. It also include update warning system...
Take a look at http://divfixpp.sourceforge.net

Posted by Death Knight® 2009-08-13

DivFix++ v0.32 for everyone!

DivFix++ is AVI Video Fix & Preview program.
This version brings AVC-h264, SVQ and VP codec family support. Also has some bugfixes and relative output support. Added BigEndian architecture support and many locale additions.

Try and use it for FREE at http://divfixpp.sourceforge.net

Posted by Death Knight® 2009-06-26

DivFix++ v0.31 released as a new year gift!

DivFix++, your AVI video repair and preview utility, version 0.31 released. It's must utility if you are downloader of video files. You can now preview videos and know what you are downloading and also it's quality, language etc...
Happy new years!

Posted by Death Knight® 2008-12-28

DivFix++ v0.30a released for Windows

If DivFix++ v0.30 avi repair & preview tool is not working on your windows, DivFix++ v0.30a for you. Compiled with Mingw for remove MSVCRT90.dll dependence.

Posted by Death Knight® 2008-07-04

DivFix++ v0.30 Released!

After one year, DivFix++ avi repair program has a new version. Happy downloading! :)

Posted by Death Knight® 2008-06-21

DivFix++ turns 100.000 download.

Happy downloading! DivFix++ AVI Fix/Preview tools has been downloaded 100K times. Happy downloading for all! :)

Posted by Death Knight® 2007-08-17

DivFix++ v0.29 available.

New version of DivFix++, AVI fix and preview utility is ready for download. It's a must tool if you are downloading avi files from ed2k,torrent,gnutella or any other network.


Posted by Death Knight® 2007-04-06

DıvFıx++ v0.28 Available

DivFix++ is AVI fix and preview utility. Specially developed for preview AVI files currently on downloading at ed2k, BT, Gnutella and any other networks...


Posted by Death Knight® 2007-03-04

New web site online.

DivFix++'s web site is now online!

Posted by Death Knight® 2007-01-14

DivFix++ v0.27 is ready for new year!

DivFix++, the best AVI fix/repair/preview utility, ready for next year with version 0.27 :)


Posted by Death Knight® 2006-12-29

DivFix++ 0.25 is ready for the masses

DivFix++ AVI repair/preview program has a new version.

In this release have many bug fixes and CLI mode enhancements.

Posted by Death Knight® 2006-08-13

DivFix++ 0.20 for Everyone!

DivFix++, AVI index rebuilders new version available now with changed GUI and Linux suppport!

Preview your AVI movies while downloading from emule & bittorrent!

Posted by Death Knight® 2006-07-12

DivFix++ 0.10 Beta Released!

DivFix++ is Avi index rebuilder. You can use it for fixing your avi files, OR previewing your incoming avi files (which cannot previewable before at VLC due lack of index part at last cluster...) at your emule on the fly...

Posted by Death Knight® 2006-06-18