how can I get resolution ratio for all cameras?

  • Roy

    Roy - 2013-01-28

    Hello everyone!
    First time using DirectShow.NET. Now I want to get all resolution ratio for my cameras. But I don't know how to use ICaptureGraphBuilder2.FindInterface() function. Can anybody tell me how to use this function, especially what to pass to the 3rd parameter.
    If anyone has a function to get resolution ratio, please tell me, Thanks a lot.

  • Eric

    Eric - 2013-01-28

    The third parameter of ICaptureGraphBuilder2.FindInterface is the starting point in the graph from where the method try to find the provided interface. I don't remember if you can pass null to perform a whole graph search.

    Regarding your main problem, I found that post that should be very helpful (scroll down):

    • Roy

      Roy - 2013-01-29

      Thanks. That really helps me a lot


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