#1270 crashes in harvest moon sunshine islands


right when i try to start a minigame the whole program crashes and leaves me with a black screen. reset, reload etc does not work.


  • Squall Leonhart

    Squall Leonhart - 2013-04-14

    Please attach your savefile so that we can reproduce this issue without having to spend hours in the game.

  • zeromus

    zeromus - 2013-10-03

    harvest moons are known to crash randomly

  • zeromus

    zeromus - 2013-10-03
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  • Anonymous - 2014-10-29

    i don't know if this post has been answered already. however for those who are still seeking for answers, here's how I did it.

    Before you do anything with your files or delete any cheats that you have (I didn't delete any of my cheats), try to load the latest saved game that you have (hopefully you saved the game just before it crashed). Then once the game's loaded, save the game through the diary instead of saving it thru DesMuMe states. If you have saved them successfully, turn off the emulator then proceed to the folder where your Desmume files are. After doing so, open the folder named STATES and CUT every file that you have there and place it to an entirely different folder (back-up just in case this method won't work for you). If the states folder is now empty, you may now open your emulator and load your ROM and the saved game that you had. Hope this suggestion will be useful for you ^_^

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      Anonymous - 2016-04-23

      This worked I tried it

  • zeromus

    zeromus - 2014-10-29

    Having an empty states folder can't possibly fix anything, except for user error in loading an old broken savestate before you saved in-game

  • Anonymous - 2015-04-14

    same its happen when u use too many cheat!



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