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Denora 1.5.0 Release

Some nearly 3 years since the last stable release and Denora 1.5.0 is finally ready to roll out the door.

While there are not many new features a lot of time has been spent working on code stability and system compatibility.

Biggest change is that Trystan (founder of the project) has rejoined the team with ideas on moving the project forward towards v2.0 release. He would like to thank all the developers that kept Denora alive all these years.

Posted by TrystanScottLee 2013-11-25

Denora 1.4.5 released

It's been almost 15 months since the latest Denora release, and a newer version has always been delayed because of the lack of time and the goals we set that kept increasing.

This new release is not just a bug fix version but also contains some new features and improvements, the most prominent being InspIRCd 2.0 support, MySQL 5.5 support, an updated GeoIP engine with IPv6 support, improved code for the Windows edition and a Portuguese translation. Plus there are some fixes and updates for most ircd protocol modules.... read more

Posted by Hal9000 2011-02-07

Denora 1.4.2 released

Shortly after releasing version 1.4.1 for Windows, it became clear that the problem was not really solved. It worked fine for some people, it did not for others. But finally we found the actual cause of all evil, reverted the workarounds and fixed the code properly. So Denora 1.4.2 is the first stable release for Windows in over 3 years.

Besides this, this new release contains some interesting bug fixes for everyone: the chanstats exclude system was kind of broken and has been fixed, corrupt tld/ctcp overall counts in flatfiles and corrupt chanstats count issues got fixed as well, plus a series of minor bug fixes make this release a must for all Denora users.... read more

Posted by Hal9000 2008-09-08

Denora 1.4.0 released!

Yes. Oh, yes... It's there. Over two years and 9 months after the last stable release, we now finally set the next major version in the wild: Denora 1.4.0! There have been hundreds of changes, improvements and fixes. We believe Denora 1.4 will bring you a more reliable and satisfying experience.

Denora 1.4 comes with support for most of current major ircd stable releases out there, including the popular Unreal 3.2 and the rapidly growing Inspircd 1.1 series. A release for Windows will follow in a couple of weeks, since we need to sort some problems out first. Please read the README and doc/INSTALL files for instructions on how to install/upgrade.... read more

Posted by Hal9000 2008-05-17

Denora 1.4.0 RC2 released!

Roll the drums... here comes a new Denora release!

As you may have noticed, things didn't go by plan since our RC1 release back in August. Basically having got stuck due to a nasty bug that affects SQL usage on Windows, we wanted to wait to fix it before releasing the new stable version of Denora. The bad news is we didn't manage to fix Denora on Win32+SQL, the good news is that we fixed tons of bugs and improved IRCd support dramatically since RC1, especially for InspIRCd 1.1 and P10-based IRCds.... read more

Posted by Gabriel Acevedo H. 2008-01-29

Denora 1.4.0 RC1 released!

Two years have passed since the latest stable release of Denora. Since then, a lot has happened as the project continued to evolve.
Today we are very close to release the next stable Denora, version 1.4. But before that, we are releasing a first and only Release Candidate, just in case some unforseen problems might arise.

At time of release, we now have zero open issues in the bug tracker, and zero known issues. So we encourage all of you to upgrade to Denora 1.4.0 RC1 and let us know if you encounter any problems via the bug tracker.... read more

Posted by Gabriel Acevedo H. 2007-08-17

About to release stable version 1.4 stable.

Dear users/custumers,

We are about to release the latest stable version for the 1.x branch, probably the next week.
Since 1.2 stable never saw the light, this next stable version will be 1.4, because it includes several new features and fixes.

We encorauge you to test as much as posible the latest SVN revision, so we can release a VERY stable 1.4 version.

Thanks in advance for supporting the Denora Stats project.

Posted by Gabriel Acevedo H. 2007-08-08

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