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Denora 1.4.0 released!

Yes. Oh, yes... It's there. Over two years and 9 months after the last stable release, we now finally set the next major version in the wild: Denora 1.4.0! There have been hundreds of changes, improvements and fixes. We believe Denora 1.4 will bring you a more reliable and satisfying experience.

Denora 1.4 comes with support for most of current major ircd stable releases out there, including the popular Unreal 3.2 and the rapidly growing Inspircd 1.1 series. A release for Windows will follow in a couple of weeks, since we need to sort some problems out first. Please read the README and doc/INSTALL files for instructions on how to install/upgrade.

Special thanks go to all the people involved in giving feedback, reporting bugs, and testing. The Denora project is now committed on releasing minor 1.4.x versions as long as improvements are made. We hope you'll enjoy this shiny new release!

Come visit us at and grab your copy of Denora 1.4!
Please use our bug tracker or forums at, should you have any issues to report or questions to ask.

By the way, we need C coders! If you are familiar with Anope or Denora, and of course with C coding, we would really appreciate you joining our developer team to help Denora grow faster! Just drop me an email: hal9000 (at) denorastats (dot) org. Thanks!

Posted by Hal9000 2008-05-17

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