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DBPrism Servlet Engine / News: Recent posts

ANN: DBPrism 2.1.2 release available for download

This new release of DBPrism Servlet Engine have as principal feature SSO/JAAS support, feature not available on mod_plsql.
So, users can attach, for example, Apex applications with his specific single sign on mechanism and use this as credential to enable Oracle proxy authentication.
There is also some minor enhancement used on latest DBPrism CMS.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2008-06-11

New release Lucene-Oracle integration

Hi All:
I am just releasing a new binary distribution of Oracle-Lucene
integration by using Lucene-OJVM Data Catridge.
Here the change log:
* Compiled against Lucene 2.3.2 production release
* Used latest API for merging based on RAM usage
* Use Writer for deleting during Sync
* Confirm 4x improvement during indexing reported by Lucene dev. group
* Fix workaround which changes order of the rowids in ODCRIDList
* Added an Spanish WikiPedia Analyzer for testing
* Reports IOException instead of RunTimeException to signal EOF or
File Not Found
* Decouple Flush functionality from TableIndexer
I would like to say thanks a lot to Michael McCandless for helping
to solve nice glitch with Oracle JIT compiler which causes that
DocumentsWriter class do not work on release.
11g binary version have a workaround for this problem.
Oracle OJVM dev. team told me that this problems its not
reproducible on 11.2 and versions.
Latest binary dist. can be downloaded at:
Also I have posted a new entry at my blog with some performance
experience against Wikipedia Spanish dump uploaded to XMLDB:
Latest documentation is at:
Best regards, Marcelo.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2008-06-01

ANN: DBPrism released

This is a maintenance version of DBPrism 2.1.1.x release which is the fundamental part of DBPrism CMS 2.1.1 closest to be public.
For mod_plsql users this maintenance release has been tested against latest Oracle Application Express release and works fine.
Also with the addition of the Jetty web server runner you can get DBPrism mod_plsql functionality up and running only with the JDK, the JDBC drivers and the cms-applib jars.
Two Ant's targets are in the build.xml file:
ant run (Start the web server on port 8888)
ant debug (Start the web server on port 8888 and listen on port 4000 for the JDWP protocol)
These Ant's targets require the i.jar file which is a zipped version of the directory with images of the Oracle Application Express, if you have this directory, zip them and put as i.jar into the cms-applib directory, if not, just comment the unzip step at the build.xml file.
A complete list of changes is at:

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2007-02-07

ANN: DBPrism CMS 2.1.0 production released

This is a long awaited new release of DBPrism CMS.
This code base is a completed rewrited version of the previous one using native support of Oracle XMLDB.
DBPrism CMS is the first Open Source Database Oriented CMS using all native implementation of Oracle XMLDB repository 10gR2. It means that DBPrism CMS will provides powerful CMS functionality using two bigger players, Apache Cocoon presentation framework and Oracle XMLDB repository.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2005-12-01

DBPrism 2.1.1 production released

A new release of DBPrism Servlet Engine is ready for downloading, new functionality was added to this release, such as inline download for mod_plsql emulation, upgrade to ant 1.6.2, more logging support, and more.
Here a change log:
* DBPrism is compiled using latest Servlet API.
* log4j.xml was replaced with to avoid problems with XML parser libraries.
* An overload implementation was fixed for fixing combination problems between OWA_UTIL.IDENT_ARRAY and VARCHAR2.
* XFormsWrapper supports two level of nodes using _ as node level separator.
* JTAConnectionManager was fixed to avoid problem with long running stored procedures.
* More debug information was added.
* CGI environment setting passed to the server side are showed with debug level settings.
* now DBPrism will only test for username=="" for dynamic login.
* Now the code works with Tomcat data sources.
* Support for DAD national language support. See nls_lang on DAD parameters.
* You can compile DBPrism mod_plsql emulation alone without Cocoon libs.
* Download code was refactored for supporting inline download of HTMLDB.
* This release is full tested with Oracle Express Edition, including compatibility with HTMLDB 2.0 release pre-installed on it.
* Build scripts are updated to Ant 1.6.2+, using taskdef and imports.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2005-11-22

DBPrism 2.1.0 released

A long awaited DBPrism 2.1.0 release is ready for downloading. I delayed it to test the compatibility against Oracle 10g.
See change log for more details of new functionality.
Here some of the most important changes:
- DBPrism is complete build by Ant task, incluiding the generation of the dpls.war and dpls.ear files for deploying DBPrism on Tomcat or Oracle OC4J.
- was replaced by prism.xconf
- Logging support using Apache Log4j
- Support for arguments of type CLOB, no more 32k limit of argument value size of VARCHAR2.
- Correct workaround with HTMLDB redirec, now DBPrism works perfectly with HTMLDB, so you can run HTMLDB appplication in any J2EE compliant container.
- Support for Cocoon Actions.
- Tested with Oracle 10G, again Oracle change the behaviour of user_arguments view :(

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2004-08-24

DBPrism web site mirrored at SourceForge

I made a mirror of DBPrism web site ( using SourceForge hosting facilities.
It is available at:
Its faster than DBPrism website due to the internet connection of SF ;) but it doesn't have live functionality such as Searching.
Regars, Marcelo.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-10-27

DBPrism CMS database installation step Viewlet

Hi all:
I uploaded a Viewlet about the database installation
step of DBPrism CMS.
You can view it on-line at:
Or you can download from SourceForge web site at:\
Comments and suggestion are welcome.
Best regards, Marcelo.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-09-28

DBPrism CMS 2.0.1 released

FYI DBPrism CMS 2.0.1 production is ready for downloading at SourceForge web site.
See release notes at:
Or go to the download section:

dbprism.[war|ear] file could be made using the script $CMS_HOME/scripts/ or using the project file for Oracle JDeveloper 9.0.3.

Viewlet Builder with install instructions and how to use the FrontEnd application are comming soon.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-08-24

DBPrism's web site updated

Hi all:
I updated DBPrism's web site with a new version of DBPrism CMS (2.0.1).
It has new information sections, refactored documents, and obviously a new look and feel.
I added a RSS section (left down) extracted from Oracle Technology Network web site, Its updated every day with usefull links to documents at OTN web site.
DBPrism CMS 2.0.1 will be ready for downloading ASAP.
Comments are welcome!
Best regards, Marcelo.... read more

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-07-07

DBPrism 2.0.1 released

This is a mantanaince release for DBPrism project and includes a DBPrism Generator for Apache Cocoon2.
Also DBPrism is J2EE replacement for Oracle mod_plsql, OAS, OWS familly products.
This release includes several enhanced and some bugs solved.
Look at the change log of each package for more detail, or look at DBPrism official web site:

Note: DBPrism/Cocoon CMS 2.0.1 is under testing and It will be ready for downloadig soon.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-06-18

Important: corrupted uploaded files dpls.war and dpls.ear

Hi all:
Prior to February 17 files dpls.ear and dpls.war where corrupted due to missing files into prism-2.0.0-production.
That is, a CVS command to purge empty directories delete important directories to build dpls.war and dpls.ear.
Users who download prism-2.0.0-production and want to build dpls.{ear|war} files using PRISM_HOME/applications/build-dpls.{sh|bat} first make these steps:
- create a directory named PRISM_HOME/applications/dpls/dpls/WEB-INF/lib
- create a directory named PRISM_HOME/stage
- Finally, run build-dpls.{sh|bat} to built dpls.ear
Best regards, Marcelo.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-02-17

DBPrism and DBPrism/Cocoon2 CMS 2.0.0-production released

This is a long awaited production release for DBPrism project. It includes a DBPrism Generator for Apache Cocoon2 project.
Also DBPrism/Cocoon2 CMS built on top of DBPrism Servlet Engine is ready to download.
Look at the change log of each package for more detail, or look at DBPrism official web site:

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2003-02-14

Article on XML Journal Magazine about DBPrism and MetaBOX

Building Applications with less code, MetaBOX and declarative programming model.

This article shows how to build database Web applications using Oracle, two open-source frameworks (DBPrism/Cocoon), and MetaBOX software. Building database Web applications is commonly a repetitive task; many such applications are based on insert/delete/update statements of tables in a form of simple rows, multiple rows, or master/detail combinations.....
See complete article at

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2002-12-03

Presentation @ OSCOM San Francisco

Hi all:
I uploaded an html version of the presentation of
DBPrism and DBPrism CMS @ OSCOM San Francisco, it
include performance reports of DBPrism CMS using ESI
invalidation protocol, which was the key difference to
the other Open Source CMS.
The url is:
Also I uploaded a preliminary version of some tough
about DBPrism CMS security layer, the url is:
Hope this information, Marcelo.

Posted by Marcelo F. Ochoa 2002-10-15