DavMail 3.9.4 released

Ever wanted to get rid of Outlook ? DavMail is a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP exchange gateway allowing users to use any mail/calendar client (e.g. Thunderbird with Lightning or Apple iCal) with an Exchange server, even from the internet or behind a firewall through Outlook Web Access. DavMail now includes an LDAP gateway to Exchange global address book and user personal contacts to allow
recipient address completion in mail compose window and full calendar support with attendees free/busy display.

First release with full Exchange tasks (VTODO) support, automatically convert VTODOs to tasks
inside default task folder. Also includes many bugfixes on iCal OSX Snow Leopard support
(note: need to recreate the calendar to fix sync), mixed Exchange 2010/2003 architecture support and
IMAP DRAFT and UNDRAFT search condition support

- Caldav: fix regression
- Caldav: implement update folder
- Caldav: fix regression on Snow Leopard
- Caldav: more general fix for misconfigured Exchange server, replace host name in url also over Caldav
- Caldav: additional fix for CRLF in urlcompname
- Caldav: additional task fields over EWS and fix urlcompname decoding
- Caldav: implement task categories over EWS
- Caldav: update additional MAPI properties for tasks
- Caldav: implement startdate and duedate on tasks
- Caldav: implement task categories
- Caldav: Need to encode % in urlcompname
- Caldav: implement task percent complete and status over WebDav
- Caldav: improve task support over WebDav, rename .ics to .EML and implement priority (importance)
- Caldav: do not try to get ICS content from tasks
- Caldav: encode @ in path only for iCal 5 (OSX Lion)
- Caldav: implement supported-report-set

- Do not always log stacktrace in handleNetworkDown
- Fix IllegalArgumentException in fixClientHost when scheme is null
- Temporary fix: log exception stack trace in handleNetworkDown
- Temporary fix: log exception in handleNetworkDown
- Another init script
- Small failover fix
- Improve client host update fix
- Test various event count

- IMAP: implement DRAFT and UNDRAFT search conditions, fix 3396248
- IMAP: fix failover for misconfigured Exchange server, replace host name in url
- IMAP: fix regression in EwsExchangeSession.createMessage
- IMAP: Fix 3383832, set ItemClass to send read receipt over EWS to avoid ErrorObjectTypeChanged

- EWS: Allow null value in StringUtil.decodeUrlcompname
- EWS: use isrecurring with Exchange 2010 and instancetype with Exchange 2007
- EWS: revert 3317867 XML1.1 header workaround to fix 3385308

- Dav: check checkPublicFolder calls
- Dav: Avoid returning null in getCmdBasePath

- Doc: fix OSX iCal setup documentation for OSX Lion

- LDAP: send error on DIGEST-MD5 bind request

Posted by Mickael Guessant 2011-09-13

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