davfs2 1.2.2 does not allow editing on gentoo

  • aerosmith

    aerosmith - 2007-10-04

    I recently emerged davfs2 . Latest version installed: 1.2.2 . I am able to mount my remote http and https shares on local gentoo machine by authentication using mount -t davfs


    When I used to edit a file or create file it allowed to create and save also, but when i did ls -al, it showed me file size 0 i.e zero ?

    I found lost+found directory in same mount and checked the file was saved there instead of actual location,

    cp lost+found/abc-$#$ to actual file gives some input output error while cat also does not work

    touch a file and edit with vi works but when files is saved with :wq! , ls -al shows 0 size file and lost+found a file is newly created.

    mv gives following error:
    mv: cannot move `lost+found/index.html-KzdbbF' to `index.html': Software caused connection abort

    Also I found one funny thing, when I created a new file with small content, saved it and quit, ls -al shows file size right. and in some time when I do ls -al again , the file size shows 0 and original file content seems to have moved to lost+found with filename->original-name+arbit characters.

    When I use Nautilus or gnome-vfs, this issue is not there and I can copy, edit, create files for remote http/https shares.

    Kernel Version : 2.6.22-gentoo-r8 #2 SMP, 64bit
    davfs2 . Latest version installed: 1.2.2

    What could be reason ?

    Please help


    • aerosmith

      aerosmith - 2007-10-04

      My processor x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400


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