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WEB-DAV Linux File System(davfs) / News: Recent posts

davfs2 moved to Savannah

The davfs2 project is now hosted at
Thanks to the Sourceforge team for hosting and supporting davfs2 for that many years.


Posted by Werner Baumann 2009-05-03

Bugfix for growing-cache-problem

Programming errors could cause the cache to grow
infinitely. The problem usually shows when your
neon-library uses libexpat for XML-parsing or the
WebDAV-repository holds many (some thousends)
The problem is fixed with release 1.3.2

Posted by Werner Baumann 2008-05-17

Bug-fix release 1.3.1

This release mainly brings a workaround for a bug
in the fuse kernel module, that causes I/O-errors
when an application tries to write large blocks
of data.

It also contains bug fixes to support neon-0.25
and neon-0.28, as well as some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2008-05-04

Version 1.3.0 released

Besides fixing known bugs, the main improvements are:

Better adaption to the capabilities and incapabilities of servers, to make communication more effective and to enable connections to more different servers. This includes minimal support for cookies and custom headers. Unfortunately this comes at the costs of more configuration options.

More effective cache maintenance and easier recovery from errors.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2008-02-06

Version 1.2.2 released

This version fixes some bugs.

Additionally debugging output can now be enabled
without the need to recompile the package. Please
see the davfs2.conf man page for details.

fuse is now the default kernel file system used.

The binary package is dynamically linked and
requires matching libraries installed on your

Posted by Werner Baumann 2007-07-07

Bugfix version 1.2.1

This version fixes a Null-pointer bug that might
crash mount.davfs when the WebDAV property
displayname is used.
It also brings a Spanish translation of the
davfs2.conf.5 man page.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2007-04-26

Internationalized Release 1.2.0

davfs2 now supports localized versions of messages and man pages (using GNU gettext and po4a). At the moment there is a german translation, but other languages will follow.

Further enhancements:
- support for client certificates
- support for self-made server certificates
- additional man pages
- conversion of character encoding of file names

Posted by Werner Baumann 2007-04-07

Need Help from Native English Speakers for NLS

davfs2 started to support national languages using the GNU gettext tools.

Before translation of messages and documentation into different languages can start, it is necessary to bring the english text into a good shape. As I am not a native english speaker there may be lots of misspelling, incorrect grammar and other curiosities.

So if you are a native english speaker, you are asked to help reviewing messages and man pages. If you want to help, please anounce this by mail to to avoid unecessary double work. Corrections please send to the same adress or to read more

Posted by Werner Baumann 2007-02-18

davfs2 1.1.4 fixes fuse 7 and gmx related bugs

This version fixes bugs that have become known since the last release.

- The kernel interface module for fuse kernel version 7 crashed. Now
the fuse interface will work with kernel 2.6.14 and higher.

- The handling of file times has been adjusted. The modification time
will no longer change unexpectedly, thus confusing some applications
(bug 1596104).

- davfs2 will check server capabilities at start up to decide whether
locks may be used. As a side effect this also fixes interoperation
problems with the gmx-server (bug 1594808).... read more

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-12-26

Release 1.1.3 with umount helper

The 1.1.3 release adds to davfs2 an umount helper.
This will make sure that all cached data have been
saved when umount returns.
There is a new option to speed up display of large
directories on graphical user interfaces.
Smaller changes will enhance performance and fix
known bugs.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-11-07

New stable release 1.1.2

This release fixes the known bugs of release 1.1.1.

It is recommended to use this release instead of the old, non caching, 0.2.8 version. It will be maintained more regularly and new developments will propably only be done for the 1.x.x versions.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-10-11

davfs2 1.1.1 released

davfs2 is now able to make use of the fuse kernel file system and neon 0.26. It still supports coda and older neon libraries.
Handling of locks and synchronization between server, cache and kernel has been improved.
It also fixes some bugs like
- misaligned data structures on 64 bit systems
- double url-decoding
- mistreating of the displayname property.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-10-02

Release 1.0.2 fixes support for Neon 25

Release 1.0.2 mainly fixes support for Neon 0.25. There are some minor bug fixes too. davfs2 1.0.2 is still considered beta.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-04-30

Beta of version 1 released

davfs2 1.0.1 is an almost complete rewrite of davfs2.
It adds this new features to davfs2:
- one binary for different kernel versions
- Unix permissions
- extended caching and persistent cache

davfs2 should now be easier to install, run
faster and cause less network traffic. It also
allows to share a mounted file system between
local users.

The code is not widely tested, so you should
expect bugs and report them.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-04-16

davfs2-0.2.8 released

Improvements in release 0.2.8:
- Support for Neon 0.25 as well as Neon 0.24
(Note: the binaries are still compiled for Neon 0.24)
- Directory for pid files (/var/run/mount.davs) will be created on start up if it does not exist. So /var may be a volatile file system.
- Some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-03-10

davfs2-0.2.7 for Debian Sarge

The Debian package for Sarge is now updated to version 0.2.7.
Debian Testing allready comes with davfs2. You may install/update davfs2 from the Debian servers.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2006-01-06

davfs2 0.2.7 released

These release fixes some bugs that were discovered since the last release and also adds some minor features:

- New option "mountanyway", to allow mounting even if the server is momentarily unreachable

- Save open files and release locks when closing

- Handle URLs with and without trailing slash

- Support for make install DESTDIR=...

- Better interoperation with MS IIS (and maybe some other servers)... read more

Posted by Werner Baumann 2005-12-30

Debian package for Sarge available

Luciano Bello packaged davfs2 for sarge (it is already included in unstable).
The package is available from the 'Files' section.
Please read the release notes for some hints.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2005-10-24

davfs2 0.2.6 released

This release fixes problems with Linux kernel 2.6, compiled with option "Use 96-bit Coda file identifiers".

Posted by Werner Baumann 2005-10-04

davfs 0.2.5 released

This release fixes some bugs in 0.2.4:
- an error in the man page
- problems with different versions of coda.h
- a non informative error message
- better check of group membership
- trailing slashes in "visible name"
There are no security issues involved. So there is no need to update if davfs-0.2.4 is working on your system.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2005-09-09

Revision 1 of davfs-0.2.4 released

This revision fixes some bugs:
- an error in the man page
- problems with different versions of coda.h
- a non informative error message
- better check of group membership
- trailing slashes in "visible name"
There are no security issues involved. So there is no need to update if davfs-0.2.4 is working on your system.

Posted by Werner Baumann 2005-09-04

davfs 0.2.4 released

New version, 0.2.4 released! Special thanks to Luciano Bello and Werner Baumann for working hard on this release.

Posted by Robert Spier 2005-07-17

Davfs2 0.2.0 version is relesed


We are glad to release davfs2-0.2.0 version. Many users give us comments, error reports.

We appreciate it.

This release includes :
* Added a simple perl test tool
* Fixed rename call
* Dirlist call returns '.' and '..' to solove hang problem
* Added directory cache
* Changed mktemp to mkstemp


Posted by SungHun Kim 2002-10-07

Candidate for version 0.2.0

Thanks to may users feedback and developers, it's ready to prepare 0.2.0.
Those are our porposed features for 0.2.0:

1. Stable
- Fixed several major bugs so it should be stable

2. Included nice test tool.

3. Faster
- Added directory list cache

The candidate is in the CVS davfs2 module.
Please check it out and test it to make really cool davfs2.

I appreciate it.

Posted by SungHun Kim 2002-10-04

Davfs2 0.1.1 and binary version

Davfs2 0.1.1 is relsead with SSL segment fault problem fixed.
Also binary version is available.

Posted by SungHun Kim 2002-09-27