Antony King - 2006-01-30

Just starting to play with CVW, and got the server and client running (on a gentoo box). The client moans about no document server being available - in the absence of any documentation, is the document server part of CVW or do I need to install a separate one ?

In particular, the admin tool fails with a java IO exception, with a path of CVWclient/modules/cvw-admintool/bin/wish - I installed tcl/tk and now have wish.

Also, the whiteboard was failing with error 127. After installing tcl/tk, it failed with error 1.

I can navigate round rooms and leave notes, but that's about it at the moment.

I suspect a HowTo, or even just a requirements list might be useful to me here - is there such a thing ? Otherwise, can someone give me a few pointers so that I can ask more interesting questions in future ? :-)

Thanks all,