CUBRID XE Forum Improvement

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2011-06-07

    Hello Catalin,

    I have several comments regarding the new XE Forum.

    1) Very slow! Really slow!!!

    2) What is "Align Target" in the "Configure"? I supposed that it the column name which the forum posts will be sorted upon. I might be wrong.

    2) Considering the above case, when is loaded, the posts are not ordered by the post date (latest at the top). So I clicked on "Configure"->"Sorting Type"->Descending. Saved and refreshed the page. Still not sorted.

    The interesting thing is when you open any post, the list of posts at the bottom are sorted correctly.

    3) I do not see any point of including the post 'No." into the list.

    4) The current theme or skin is not intuitive.
       - Too much gaps/spaces
       - No clear outlines of the replies (seems all in one).
       - The action buttons such as "erase", "edit", "delete", etc. do not display any title on hover. So I just have to guess what it does based on the image. You should also consider that many users do not turn on images on their browser to save the traffic.
       - "I want to" which is close to a Print icon should have some margin-right. And that icon looks like a Print icon, not menu icon.

    5) Post Trackbacks: See There is a Trackback URL : When you click, there is an error. Do we need it?

    Hope we can fix these issues soon. Thanks.

  • Esen Sagynov

    Esen Sagynov - 2011-06-07

    Sorry. I just found out that this is not the XE Forum you are building, but the old XE Board. So, I suppose the above issues will not be fixed.

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Catalin Ciobanu - 2011-06-29

    You are right, those are issues for the board module, not forum. So those items will not be fixed. Only 1) (slow issue) was fixed (that was a board problem). Currently we have replaced the board module with the forum module you were talking about.


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