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Contiki is an open source, highly portable, networked, multi-tasking operating system for memory-constrained systems.

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  • praneeta

    praneeta - 2014-07-09


    I need the cfs-coffee-arch.h file for cc2538dk. Any help?

  • xclaim

    xclaim - 2014-07-30


    Is there any guide on how to use contiki on indriya testbed ?http://indriya.comp.nus.edu.sg/motelab/html/index.php

  • dbermudez-spain

    dbermudez-spain - 2014-09-24

    I'm trying to communicate two msp430 + CC1120 to eurpea frequency. I have tried in the American band and it works. But, to use the European "FHSS_ETSI_50 1" in the file cc11xx.c. and then I have no Connection

  • swagatika das

    swagatika das - 2014-11-24

    sir can u tell me a coding for server-client socket type programming which use tcp. bcoz example-psock-client server code are not showing output


  • Anantha

    Anantha - 2015-01-15


    I am writing a contiki program to operate the LCD of cc2538dk using instant contiki. Has anybody done it ?

    Any help would be appriciated !!

  • alabarah

    alabarah - 2015-05-10

    I am new to contiki, and I would like to ask about how may I measure the Packet delivery ratio in contiki

  • Niousha

    Niousha - 2015-10-06
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  • Anonymous - 2015-10-26
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    • Niousha

      Niousha - 2016-01-03

      If you navigate to :
      Conttiki> Examples > Sky ,
      you can see some examples which are programmed on the sky mote
      If you open one of them e.g radio-test.c we can see:
      include "cc2420.h"
      so the specification of sky mote device is include in:
      contiki > dev> cc2420
      now you can see the source code, and check if the code are clear enough to
      be exchanged by your own specification or not.. and the whether the COOJA
      can run the changed mote or not

      Good Luck,

      On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 5:51 PM, Adrian tinytinyos@users.sf.net wrote:

      Cooja: How to modify cooja nodes features?


      I have to implement a WSN and based on wake-up radios and measure power
      But i have my own physical nodes, with my own HW which is different from
      the nodes that are avaible in Cooja. I would like to modify the key
      features of one of theese nodes, for example, the Sky Mote, in order to
      implement my parameters.
      I use IEEE 802.15.4 by Zigbee (ETRX2), an ADuc841 microcontroller (62kB
      Flash Memory, 2kB RAM) and also a FPGA Xilinx Spartan 3 XC3S200.
      Is there any way to simulate the characteristics of my node and implements
      them in Cooja?
      Maybe creating my own Cooja node or modifying one.


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  • Bashar Hussein

    Bashar Hussein - 2016-04-23

    Hello, I'm doing some research on the contiki OS and I'm interested to use some features of the Powertrace, I need to find at the basestation ( or the sink node) 3 variables.
    1- Packet drop rate
    2- noise power of the motes
    3- signal power of the motes

    OR the SNR of the sending mote to the sink.
    anyone can help me please in that, Thanks in advance



    I am working with operative system CONTIKI 3.0 with cooja and I am new to this.

    I need to get ETX metrics of each node sky on the routes of net and to use that information in the objetive function. for simulation

    I appreciate any help

    • Bashar Hussein

      Bashar Hussein - 2016-08-05

      Hello Randy, just add at the begining of the file #define DEBUG DEBUG_PRINT and you will be able to view the ETX of each node at the mote output, the following is part of the mote output when you turn print on. I hope this is what are you looking for
      07:38.924 ID:2 RPL: ETX changed from 1 to 1 (packet ETX = 1)
      07:38.936 ID:1 30 0 458 0 1285 7 2 0 22 58603 0 3240 51089 132 394 514 256 783 1 524 121 1 58 51 65535 65535 0 0 0 0
      07:38.989 ID:3 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:39.008 ID:5 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 2.5
      07:39.034 ID:3 RPL: ETX changed from 1 to 1 (packet ETX = 1)
      07:39.038 ID:2 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:39.193 ID:3 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:39.531 ID:2 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:39.536 ID:2 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:41.081 ID:1 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 0.0
      07:41.159 ID:2 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:41.197 ID:3 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:41.203 ID:3 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:41.530 ID:2 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:45.725 ID:3 RPL: ETX changed from 1 to 1 (packet ETX = 1)
      07:45.889 ID:2 RPL: ETX changed from 1 to 1 (packet ETX = 1)
      07:46.193 ID:3 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:46.530 ID:2 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0
      07:48.778 ID:3 RPL: ETX changed from 1 to 1 (packet ETX = 1)
      07:48.790 ID:1 30 0 468 0 771 7 1 0 22 59851 0 3000 46046 30 363 257 128 512 2 524 121 1 58 51 65535 65535 0 0 0 0
      07:49.193 ID:3 RPL: My path ETX to the root is 1.0

  • Bashar Hussein

    Bashar Hussein - 2016-08-04

    Hello, I'm running RPL example and I set ETX as an OG for RPL, I'm wondering why all the PRINTF() inside the rpl-mhrof.c are not printed out of the output mote screen and where can I view them?


      Hi, Bashar... you have activated the objective function mrhof in the configuration file?
      rpl for default use of0.. for this not printed rpl-mrhof

      • Bashar Hussein

        Bashar Hussein - 2016-08-05

        Hi Randy Thanks alot. I did that but looks like I have to update debug in that file to debug debug_print, it will start print all the output in the mote output

  • Bashar Hussein

    Bashar Hussein - 2016-08-05
    Last edit: Bashar Hussein 2016-08-05
  • April Li

    April Li - 2016-08-25

    I meet with a Garbage Collection problem, and would like to see if there's any idea from you.
    We use a 1.5MB flash, and have ported Coffee File System. The page size is 64B, and the sector size is 512B. We have enabled wear-leveling.
    The problem is the garbage collection happens pretty often (will happen every 4000 times of writing, which seems to be reasonable), and it will cause 15s to do garbage collection. During that 15s, our main application will be blocked.
    I wonder if any of you have ever suffer from similar issue before? How did you solve it so that the long garbage collection process won't affect main application?

    Last edit: April Li 2016-08-25
  • Spandan Dey

    Spandan Dey - 2016-10-06


    I am planning to take a similar approach to SWRA478A and measure the power consumption of the 802.15.4 MAC with the SensorTag (CC2650STK), along with the Contiki-6LoWPAN stack. I am planning to limit my test to the 2.4Ghz radio.

    I am also planning to find the 1way delay in the 6LoWPAN stack implemented in Contiki and do a power profile of the same as well.

    Any relevant information is welcome. (I have also cross-posted this at the TI e2e forum, need a quick feedback :-P)

    Thank you for your time.


  • Bogyu Choi

    Bogyu Choi - 2016-10-24

    I want to execute Cooja in CLI, not GUI.
    But there wasn't manual to execute Cooja in command in your site.
    any help???

  • mlecjm

    mlecjm - 2016-11-17

    -- About "mobility.jar" in Mobility COOJA plugin --

    Hello Sir,

    I am currently researching on MANET and IoT. I wanted to simulate mote mobility with cooja based on resources released by the contiki projects community. However, I didn't found "mobility.jar" file in the package downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/p/contikiprojects/code/HEAD/tree/sics.se/mobility/.

    Could you please email to me the "mobility.jar" via this email address mlecjm@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

    Best regards.

  • VIpindev Adat

    VIpindev Adat - 2016-11-18


    I am new to contiki. I want to create a basic rpl network with the border router as root. I have created the network with rpl-border-router.sky and rpl-udp-server.sky(3 nodes) and tried the tunslip6 command. It is not creating any routes. I am able to ping aaaa::212:7401:1:101, the border router but not any internal nodes.

    Please help me to solve the issue.

    Lots of thanks for any help :)

    • Spandan Dey

      Spandan Dey - 2016-11-18

      Have you checked the routing table?

    • can

      can - 2016-11-25

      you can try ping6 aaaa::212:7401:1:101
      instead of ping aaaa::212:7401:1:101

  • can

    can - 2016-11-26

    I am trying to ping the virtual machine's rpl border router to the main machine but
    I could not do. Can you suggest a suggestion on how to do it?

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