#5 Add proper sorting for: 1 (13).jpg



I noticed that there are more and more archives arround that have filenames like this:
1 (1).jpg
1 (2).jpg
1 (130).jpg

Please could you add proper sorting for this?
Right now it is virtually impossible to read archives like this, because Comix sorts the files totally wrong.



  • HoverHell

    HoverHell - 2011-01-17

    What sorting for them would be proper (and what sorting does it use now)?
    I sometimes see cases where proper would be 1.jpg, 2.jpg … 1 (1).jpg, 2 (1).jpg, … 1 (2).jpg, 2 (2).jpg, … 11 (2).jpg, … 1 (11).jpg, 2 (11).jpg, …
    But *that* will require a special-case for sorting and thus it's necessary to 1. make sure it doesn't break anything (or is optional/configurable), and 2. describe maximally complete set of cases (like… /.*([0-9]+).*\(([0-9]+)\).*/, with sorting by second group and subsorting by first?)

  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-05-07

    The automatic/group rename in Microsoft is really hideously ugly in that it generates those name sequences that do not sort easily.

    Might be easer to just allow users to sort by date, and that would be useful for cases where Comix is being used as an image viewer, not just comic archives.

    When files in archives are badly named/numbered I just see it as broken, and so I unpack, rename and repack. It's a pain but I figure it's worth it in the long run. (XFCE Thunar includes a useful Bulk rename tool.)


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