#49 Retro icon from Comix version 1 & 2 (with easy to read SVG)

Alan Horkan

128x128 SVG icon from Comix version 2 just in case anyone is interesting in customizing Comix for a retro look ;)

Way back in 2006 I did a little bit of cleanup on the SVG icon that was used by Comix version 2 (removing unused gradients from the file).

I had another look at it and cleaned it up even more.
It is now clearer and more readable, and relatively easy to change the foreground or background fill colours using a text editor.

I added comments to the source in case of the unlikely event anyone is concerned about the licensing. (It seems pretty unlikely anyone will even read this.)
Pontus drew the icon and released it with Comix so it must be GPL2+ same as Comix.
-- Created with Inkscape (http://www.inkscape.org/) 2005 Pontus Ekberg GPL2+ --
-- Crafted with a text editor. 2006 & 2011 Alan Horkan GPL 2+ --


  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-05-04

    Edit redraw of SVG Icon from Comix 2

  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-05-04
    • priority: 5 --> 1

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