#28 Extra toolbar options; Comix 4.0.4


This adds options in the context and view menus and removes the single preferences option to auto hide toolbars in fullscreen.

With this, you can choose which toolbars to show in windowed mode and in fullscreen individually, and whether or not to hide all in either mode as well.

There's an additional update to the hotkey handling so that pressing I or f9 will hide all toolbars or display the tabbar as usual, but the change will only affect the current mode that is being viewed.

All choices made for showing toolbars or hiding are saved and restored when comix is restarted.

I'm attaching another update that can be applied instead of the toolbars patch that does the same thing, but adds additional hotkeys that just made sense to me. It adds ctrl+p to open the preferences window (useful without a menu) and f1 to open the about menu (since there isn't a help menu). In addition, f5-8 toggle the menubar, toolbar, statusbar, scrollbars, and thumbnail sidebar. This replaces f9 toggling the thumbnails, and each hotkey follows with the above alteration that pressing it will only affect the currently displayed window mode.


  • Nathaniel Moseley

    Comix 4.0.4; apply in archive root directory.


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