#93 CBZ Autoconversion


I would love an automatic way to convert to a prefered format. I maintain my library in cbz format, and would love it if Comix could automatically convert files when they are opened or added to the library.

NOTE: This is aggravated by the removal of "File | Convert" in 4.x!!!


  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2008-12-23

    Hi Nathan,

    you are not the first to request this feature, so I will seriously consider implementing it for some future version. There are also plans to make a batch converter script to convert files to cbz, that will be bundled with Comix. Either of the solutions would probably be enough, and right now I am leaning towards the batch converter solution.

    In the meantime, the "convert" utility has been replaced by the much more powerful "edit archive" dialog, which allows you to create archives and save them as Zip (.cbz) files. In order to simply "convert" an archive to Zip, just open the edit archive dialog and press save without doing any further changes to it.

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2008-12-23
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  • Nathan T. Wild

    Nathan T. Wild - 2009-11-06


  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-04-30

    Peazip includes a Convert tool
    only downside is you need to rename the .zip files to .cbz but otherwise it works well.

    (Frankly it is more than a little disappointing to see other programs like File Roller do not include a convert tool.)


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