#102 Support for ebook/comic readers

John Wolfe

I'd really love to see support for syncing to hardware ebook readers, such as the kindle, sony ebook readers, and etc.

If such a thing does indeed come to fruition, It would be mighty nice to have support for plaintext ebooks, and pdf comics/books.


  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2009-02-28


    I have next to no experience with ebook devices, since I don't own any, or know anyone who owns one. I did read up a bit on them though, and it seems as if most of them can read the same file formats, so it should be possible to export books such a format and have them readable on most ebook readers. I found a Python program called Calibre (http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/) that supports syncing with ebook devices and converting from a wide array of file formats (including cbz and cbr) to ebook formats (such as MOBI). It might be possible to get some inspiration from there (or even copying portions of code since it is licensed under the GPL). It does seem non-trivial though, so I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting for it to turn up in Comix.

    As for plaintext and PDF support, it would be nice indeed. I haven't ever thought about plaintext actually (but it shouldn't be too hard). PDF support is harder because of the lack of PDF rendering capabilities in GTK+.

    Oh, and thanks for the donation. :-)

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2009-02-28
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