Is there a MAC version of comix ?

Jiayou Lin
  • Jiayou Lin

    Jiayou Lin - 2009-07-23

    Comix is the best comic software I have ever used and I really love the bookmark function.
    Now  I want to use comix on my new Macbook, but it's seems that the OS X verson is not provided...

  • Jarle Brinchmann

    Saw this only now, but just to let you know: I am using the Mac Port version of comix on my Mac and it works a charm, although full-size is unreliable.

    Basically you would need to install the port utility ( which is very useful for any kind of Unix code you want to run on the mac anyway. To install comix you do: "port comix" and after some time (it compiles it all..) it should have been installed and should work nicely. Note that you need to use Cmd-buttom to access right-click type menus (i.e. to remove a collection etc.)

    Btw. If this is the first time you use port you are well advised to read up a bit about it to be sure you understand where everything ends up etc. The web page above is a decent place to start.



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