#64 Library:All books not update and Thumbnail Cleanup dont work



I have my collection times and cleaned up some books are deleted or renamed.But under the menu item "Library => All Books", they are still visible with X-Icon.How can I delete them there? The Menu "Edit => Thumbnail maintenance => Cleanup" don't works. The Window with cleanup state stand still by 0. I tried it 5 hours.

I use Comix 4.0.4 and Debian Linux squeeze/sid and KDE 4.2.4

btw: Great Software, Thanks!


  • Leo

    Leo - 2009-07-24

    I must clarify. The delete of a All Books File does not work on the "ENTF" or "DEL" Button.

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2009-10-01


    sorry for the late reply. To delete books from the library, mark them, right-click and choose "Remove from the library". The thumbnail maintenance dialog is not for the library, but for normal thumbnails created by any application. (It still should not stand still though, do you get any output in a terminal if you try to run it?)

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2009-10-01
    • assigned_to: nobody --> herrekberg
  • Leo

    Leo - 2009-10-01


    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/share/comix/src/thumbremover.py", line 107, in _response
    _ThumbnailRemover(self, self._num_thumbs)
    File "/usr/share/comix/src/thumbremover.py", line 196, in __init__
    UnboundLocalError: local variable 'orig_path' referenced before assignment

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2009-10-01

    Thanks. There was a bug in the dialog code, but it should be fixed now. I have committed the fix to the SVN repository, so you can try it if you download the latest revision.


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