Collada DOM 2.1 building on Ubuntu 7.04?

  • Nicholas Yue

    Nicholas Yue - 2008-05-15


      Out of the box, the version 2.1 source does not build on Ubuntu 7.04 or OSX 10.4

      On Ubuntu 7.04, it has problem finding pcre headers, after I fix the to find the headers, there were other errors regarding type_traits.h

      On OSX 10.4 PPC, it fails to parse the Makefile and out of the box.

      Anyone building successfully?


    • Steven Thomas

      Steven Thomas - 2008-05-15

      > On Ubuntu 7.04, it has problem finding pcre headers

      Where are the PCRE headers on your machine? I have them in /usr/include. I don't know why they'd be anywhere else. Make sure you have the libpcre3-dev package installed.

      > there were other errors regarding type_traits.h

      I used to build the DOM on Ubuntu Feisty without any problems. I no longer have a Feisty machine to test on (just Gutsy and Hardy). Can you include the full error message?

      > On OSX 10.4 PPC, it fails to parse the Makefile and out of the box.

      The DOM requires GNU make 3.81. OS X Tiger ships with make 3.79 I believe (Leopard comes with make 3.81). You can install make 3.81 on OS X Tiger via macports.


    • Steven Thomas

      Steven Thomas - 2008-05-16

      I think I know where the PCRE confusion and type_traits error come from. On Linux we use the distro-provided PCRE, not the PCRE provided with the DOM in external-libs like we do on other platforms. This is documented in the setting up guide on the wiki:

    • Nicholas Yue

      Nicholas Yue - 2008-05-17

      No problem, I have sorted the build on Ubuntu (via installing the distro's PCRE package)

      Thanks for your help.

      The Linux install target has a problem with the finding and deleting of .svn directory, piping it to xargs rm -r is fine but if the pipe is empty (since this is my first install) i.e. there is no .svn directory to start with, rm will whinge/fail.

      Changing the "-r" flag to "-fr" solves the problem.

      On OSX Tiger PPC, I got gmake 3.81 installed and everything was humming along until the link phase (I check the wiki but did not find a mention of the following error), something to do with "strtod"

      localhost:~/temp/colladadom/dom nicholas$ gmake --version
      GNU Make 3.81
      Copyright (C) 2006  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
      This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
      There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A

      This program built for powerpc-apple-darwin8.11.0
      localhost:~/temp/colladadom/dom nicholas$ gmake
      Linking build/mac-1.4/Collada14Dom.dylib
      ld: Undefined symbols:
      /usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
      gmake: *** [build/mac-1.4/Collada14Dom.dylib] Error 1

    • Nicholas Yue

      Nicholas Yue - 2008-05-17


        I think I have figure out the _strtod$UNIX2003

        I believe the problem comes about because I am building it on Tiger PPC and linking against the precompiled PCRE in external-lib.

        I believe those libraries are build on Leopard.

        What is a recommended way to link PCRE on Tiger PPC, DarwinPort or building from external-lib?


    • Steven Thomas

      Steven Thomas - 2008-05-17

      Thanks for reporting the Linux make install problem. I fixed it in the trunk about a week ago.

      Regarding the Mac external libs issues, this page has info about how we build the external libs for each platform:

      Let me know if you aren't able to get this working.

    • Nicholas Yue

      Nicholas Yue - 2008-05-17

      Thanks Steven,

        I will use the information in the wiki to help me along.

        Meanwhile, this might be of some use to you too.


        Regarding backward compatibility of libraries on OSX.


    • Steven Thomas

      Steven Thomas - 2008-05-18

      That link says that if we add "-mmacosx-version-min=10.4" to our compiler flags then we'll get libs that work with both Tiger and Leopard. Obviously we should rebuild the external libs with that flag for greater compatibility with OS X Tiger. I'll see if I can find time to do that this week. I'm not really working on the DOM anymore so I can't promise I'll take care of this.


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