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lub-0.7.4 release

Released an initial lub library release based on the clish-0.7.3 code base. This release is a starting point for splitting CLISH out into distinct libraries.
It also provides a test bed for building using boost-build.

NB clish-0.7.3 is still the latest CLISH release.

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2009-03-29

0.7.3 Release

Minor bug fix for CTRL-C caused SEGV

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2008-04-29

0.7.2 release

Finally got around to releasing 0.7.2. Contains almost a years worth of bug fixes and updates.

Of particular note the inability to paste into the shell should now be addressed, and the default values for "SELECT" and "PATTERN" types are now translated correctly.

Also the lub_heap memory manager is no longer compiled in by defaul which should mean CLISH compiles out of the box for more platforms.... read more

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2008-03-10

0.7.1 Release

Bug fix release

- updated release process to ensure that all files have UNIX line endings,
which prevents shell scripts from failing during configuration.

- updated to work on 64 bit architectures

- first release tested on 64-bit LINUX and 32-bit LINUX as well as

- various memory leak fixes

- updated to latest version of TINYXML

- added in new experimental lubheap component which can be used as an
alternative heap manager rather than the standard memory libraries.

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2006-10-13

0.7.0 release

large number of bug fixeds/updates

Of Note:

- There are now three kinds of parameter whcih can be defined
a) integer ranges (will be enforced upon entry)
b) selection list; user chooses from a number of values
c) regular expressions

- parameter autocompletion is available for selection lists.

- a new lub_heap component has been introduced. This is a
(high performance) dynamic memory manager, which has
integrated leak detection. Although not integrated with
CLISH by default this was used during development of this
release to track leaks and corruptions under VxWorks.... read more

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2006-06-02

0.6.1 release

Hot on the heels of 0.6.0 a simple bug fix to enable command line editing to work properly.

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2005-07-28

0.6.0 release

This new release

- augments the XML schema with new features.

- implements a minimal alternative to readline library suitable for embedded devices.

- now uses tinyxml rather than libxml2, once again suitable for embedding.

- updated to work on a single memory space system (e.g. VxWorks)

[clish-htm]: This is a tarball of the documentation for this release.

[clish-toolkit] This is a quick demo of the system which has been compiled for use under CYGWIN. You will need to have the TCL8.4 package installed to use this demo.... read more

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2005-07-28

Initial public release

clish-0.5.4 is available for download. This is a fully operational CLI framework, along with some example XML files.

Posted by Graeme McKerrell 2005-02-08