#228 Bluetooth not working with classic shell installed on windows 8

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Marco Rocha

When I install classicshell the bluetotth icon on taskbar stop working some options like "open settings" and when I try to receive a file it gives me an error before I receive anything.
I have found a "solution": everytime i start my computer, i go to device manager and disable bluetooth an then enable. bluetooth start working until next restart.
I,ve tried in Two computers and the problem is the same.
Thank you for your help. and sorry for my bad english


  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2013-03-07

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Classic Shell. What is the relation/why do you think it is related?

  • Marco Rocha

    Marco Rocha - 2013-03-07

    When I unistall classic shell, bluetooth works good. thats the problem.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2013-03-07

    It is possible the bluetooth driver gets confused if the desktop is shown too soon. Disable the "skip metro screen" setting and see if that fixes it.

  • Marco Rocha

    Marco Rocha - 2013-03-07

    thank you but that didnt solve the problem.

  • RobertW

    RobertW - 2014-07-18

    This just happened to me too, and now I can't get bluetooth to work at all. I'm in the middle of programming something involving bluetooth communication, and had it mostly working. I decided to install Classic Shell, and next time I tested my program, bluetooth wouldn't connect. I tried using the Windows 8.1 bluetooth interface, but now it can't see any bluetooth devices. Can't see them and can't connect.

    I urgently need this fixed. I tried turning bluetooth off and on again on the laptop, and disabling/re-enabling it via Device Manager, rebooting, and even uninstalling Classic Shell, but nothing has worked. The laptop now seems to be permenantly without bluetooth!

    I have no idea why Classic Shell should affect bluetooth, but it seems to have. I didn't install any other program since the time when bluetooth was working.

    Any idea?

  • RobertW

    RobertW - 2014-07-18

    I'm using an HP 15-d004au laptop, by the way, and have tested with several bluetooth devices, both BT 4 Low Energy (BLE) and older devices. Can't find any of them now.

    You mentioned an idea about going to the desktop too soon, but Win 8.1 on this laptop already went straight to the desktop on boot. I tried disabling the option in Classic Shell, so that it booted to the Start screen, but it didn't bring bluetooth back. I then uninstalled Classic Shell and noticed it still booted to the Start screen. Bluetooth still not working. So I installed Classic Shell again, re-enabled the skip-Metro box, uninstalled, rebooted. Now it boots to the desktop, as it did out of the box, but still no bluetooth.

    Is there something else left behind by Classic Shell that could be doing this? Hoping to avoid a factory reset.


  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2014-07-19

    It is just a coincidence that your Bluetooth stopped working when you installed Classic Shell. Classic Shell is not a hack or a dangerous app that does system level modifications. It does not even try to modify Windows settings or files.

    All it does is it adds a Start Menu and add-ins for Explorer and IE. There is no reason it should affect ANY other operating system functionality because it is like a regular app like Firefox or WinRAR. Classic Shell uses documented APIs. When you uninstall it all of its changes are reversed. If your Bluetooth still isn't working after uninstalling Classic Shell, that is the ultimate proof that something else caused Bluetooth to stop working.

    Last edit: xpclient 2014-07-19
  • RobertW

    RobertW - 2014-07-23

    I think you're right. I think it must have been some automatic Windows update causing the problem that happened around the same time I installed Classic Shell. I found newer bluetooth drivers for the laptop and it fixed the problem.



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