Limitations of CeWolf?

  • blippy

    blippy - 2006-08-22

    Hi everyone, just a lil background on myself.  I've spent time just using JFreeChart and putting them on the Web as applets (people liked the zooming and vector graphic capabilities) however there are issues coming up that I cannot control.

    First, is there a new link to the tutorial.  Since has changed it's layout don't seem to be working.

    How possible is it to implement a custom chart? Before I was hardcoding in the series color with bar charts and was wondering if this is possible now?  If that was confusing, I want to be able to color any bar any color.  Is this done through the Taglig or do I have to go more into ChartPostProcessors?

    I was reading the taglib reference found under and first noticed this was only updated to 0.9.3.  Is there an updated one that I'm missing?

    • Zoltan Luspai

      Zoltan Luspai - 2006-08-27


      - I've checked the tutorial links, and it looks ok to me; just browse to:
      - About implementing a customized chart: if you want to change colors or modify the look other ways of a Cewolf supported chart type it is the ChartPostProcessor where you should put such code into. In more complex cases when you need a chart type which cewolf does not support yet, but JFreechart does you can add a new Chart type using  CewolfChartFactory.registerFactory() method. This allows you to create any JFreeChart chart type. See its source for examples.
      - Taglib: the taglib is correct, just we've forgotten to update the version entry inside. That's fixed now.


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