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Release Notes for version 1.2.4 ------------------------------- - The LineRendererProcessor now also works for 'timeseries' charts. - Added an MBean for basic monitoring called "Cewolf:name=Renderer"; it also provides usage statistics about the number of charts created and postprocessors used, and can be used to turn chart rendering on and off. Release Notes for version 1.2.3 ------------------------------- - New boolean attribute "showShadow" for the PieEnhancer makes it possible to turn off the drop shadow in pie charts. Release Notes for version 1.2.2 ------------------------------- - INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Further genericization of the code base. The interface de.laures.cewolf.ChartPostProcessor has changed, so any class that extends it must be adapted. But the changes to be made are trivial, and bring some convenience to authors of postprocessors. The method to implement is now: void processChart (JFreeChart chart, Map<String,String> params); instead of: void processChart (Object chart, Map params); This means that the chart object no longer needs to be cast to JFreeChart; this is a recognition that cewolf only supports those kind sof charts, and that that's not going to change. That the parameters now come in a Map<String,String> makes the (String) cast of parameter values unnecessary, and fixes an apparent change in Java 7 behavior: It's possible that some authors of postprocessors have been passing parameters that can not be represented in String format; if you're in that situation, send me an email and we'll figure out how to address it. To sum it up: Classes implementing ChartPostProcessors need to be adapted; for the ones that come with cewolf I have done this, of course. If you have never done this, or don't even know what a postprocessor is, then none of this needs to concern you. The change to be made can be as simple as changing the method signature (although then you'll get warnings during compilation about unnecessary casts). Removing the casts is a simple step that results in simpler, cleaner code and takes care of those warnings. Release Notes for version 1.2.1 ------------------------------- - New postprocessor de.laures.cewolf.cpp.LegendEnhancer for enhancing the look of chart legends (font, color, padding). Its use is demonstrated in the spider web chart in the meter.jsp page. - Updated JFreeChart and JCommon libraries. The visibility of tick marks on category plots can now be controlled, amongst other improvements. (<cewolf:chart ... xtickmarksvisible="true" ytickmarksvisible="true" ... />) Release Notes for version 1.2 ----------------------------- - New chart type: heatmap. The example web app has a page (heatmaps.jsp) that shows this chart type and its options in action. You really need a postprocessor of type "de.laures.cewolf.cpp.HeatmapEnhancer" to use this. - The library is now built for Java 5 instead of Java 1.4. It's time. Addressed a lot of -Xlint and FindBugs suggestions. Release Notes for version 1.1.13 -------------------------------- - More aggressive exception catching in the RotatedAxisLabels postprocessor. If you don't use that, you don't need to update. Release Notes for version 1.1.12 -------------------------------- - Fixed problem with tooltips not being displayed in Firefox 9 Release Notes for version 1.1.11 -------------------------------- - the TitleEnhancer postprocessor can now add several subtitles to a chart; see meter.jsp for an example - the WaferMapLegendProcessor postprocessor has a new "valign" attribute for positioning the legend; possible values are top, center and bottom - wafer map plots more consistently place cell values if those are shown via the WaferMapLegendProcessor - incorporated a few FindBugs suggestions Release Notes for version 1.1.10 -------------------------------- - add new options to the TitleEnhancer postprocessor: text align, horizontal align, multiline text, title positioning - removed performance bottleneck by cutting down on unnecessary synchronization - the WaferMapLegendProcessor has a new option ("showCellValues") to show cell values Release Notes for version 1.1.9 -------------------------------- - added WaferMapLegendProcessor for showing custom legend titles on wafer maps Release Notes for version 1.1.8 -------------------------------- - bug fixes: the SeriesPaintprocessor didn't work for the new wafer map plots, and the TitleEnhancer would throw a NullPointerException when handling charts without titles Release Notes for version 1.1.7 -------------------------------- - new chart type: wafer map, demonstrated in the sample web app Release Notes for version 1.1.6 -------------------------------- - Fixed the 'background' attribute for charts. It must have been broken for a while - is nobody using background images? Release Notes for version 1.1.5 -------------------------------- - Fixed a denial of service attack on the JVM heap. Image sizes are now limited to 2048 pixels wide and 1024 pixels tall. If you need to create larger images, set servlet init parameters "maxImageWidth" and/or "maxImageHeight" with larger pixel values in the web.xml file. Thanks to the folks at for the heads-up. Release Notes for version 1.1.4 -------------------------------- - Jonathon Striley contributed a patch to enable support for conditional use of <cewolf:param> inside of <c:if> tags: <c:if test="${1 == 1}"> <cewolf:param name="useOutlinePaint" value="true"/> <cewolf:param name="outlinePaint" value="#FFFFFF"/> </c:if> Release Notes for version 1.1.3 -------------------------------- - The BarRenderer postprocessor has a new attribute itemLabelSize for setting the font size of item labels. - Fixed a bug that caused verticalxybar charts always to have a DateAxis as the X axis; now it depends on the dataset. - Added an example of bubble charts to the "Cewolf Set" page in the example web app. Release Notes for version 1.1.2 -------------------------------- - The PieEnhancer postprocessor can now be used to turn off PiePlot labels altogether (set showSectionLabels to false). Release Notes for version 1.1.1 -------------------------------- - removed all -Xlint compilation warnings, and incorporated a handful of FindBugs suggestions - use ImageIO instead of java.awt.Toolkit to load images - use ImageIO instead of com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package - turn off ImageIO disk cache (usage of which may be prevented by security settings) - fixed a bug in the MovingAverageDatasetProducer that would manifest itself in the Complex Charts/Overlaid 2 example
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