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New BETA build

The new version posted, even though it is marked beta, is more stable than the previous release. The known crash bugs are fixed; it is due to the improvements in collision detection, rendering, thread communication, etc. that the build is beta.
Please see the changelog for more details. We invite you to use and test this newest build and report any bugs in the appropriate group.

Posted by Matt Lewellyn 2008-07-13

New SVN organization

Note the new directory structure for the SVN repository. The most recent release code is now in milestones/1.3.1f, and the development branch is in trunk.
For compiling purposes, this revision also marks a switch to wxWidgets 2.8.7 as an upgrade from the 2.6.x series.

Posted by Matt Lewellyn 2008-05-20

New Z80 emulator support

Using C++ code, a Z-80 emulator has been encapsulated as a gate inside of Cedar-Logic. By using Cedar-Logic’s simulated wires, the Z-80 chip fetches and executes instruction op-codes and stores and loads data from a Cedar-Logic simulated RAM chip. Operating information internal to the Z-80 such as register contents are displayed in GUI form.

Posted by Joshua Edward 2007-08-20

Coming changes...

Here's the development plan for CEDAR Logic this semester:

1) Fix screen redraw bug. This should be finished by 2-3-2007. As soon as the bug is fixed, we will immediately re-package a new release of CEDAR LS which will include this bug fix as well as all prior bug fixes and gate library patches.

2) Add improved collision detection system, to finally allow truely large-scale circuits, on the scale of computer architecture projects.
3) Add falling edge JKFF and DFF gates, and possibly a few other gate library improvements, if such suggested improvements are posted on our feature request tracker before then. ,'o)
4) Package a second new CEDAR LS release including these two improvements and release it sometime before May. Official release date of May 1, 2007, we expect it likely before then.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Sprague 2007-01-18

CedarLS 1.1 Released!

In time for the coming semester, a few bug fixes have been included (see the changelog) as well as a minor lock-edit feature.

The future of other potential features lies in the collision-detection unit, which, if properly optimized, would add a new dimension of flexibility to wires. However, release 1.1 will be used at Cedarville University during this semester; we will begin waiting for bug submissions to further evaluate our status.

Posted by Matt Lewellyn 2006-07-25

We're getting started

Well, we have a sourceforge site now. We're in the process of uploading our source and binary files, then we'll get up and running again.

Posted by Benjamin Sprague 2006-05-17