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Using cdrtfe on Windows 9x/ME

cdrtfe should be usable on Windows 98/ME. At least there haven't been any changes that intentionally break the compatibility to these operating systems. However, during the development there is no possibility to test cdrtfe on a real Windows 98/ME system, only on a virtual machine, which doesn't allow to test all functions before a release. So, unexpected problems can occur.

Following limitations and potential problems are known:

Windows 95:

cdrtfe will not work on Windows 95.


Under Windows 98/ME the Windows Installer Package (*.msi) cannot be used. The exe installer, the portable version and the zip archive work without restrictions.

ASPI driver:

The SCSI Passthrough Interface (SPTI) doesn't exist under Windows 98/ME. So cdrtfe needs a working ASPI driver (ASPI = Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) which allows the access to the drives. If cdrtfe cannot find the CD/DVD/BD drive or a bluescreen (BSoD) occurs when cdrtfe is started or cdrecord is run manually ('cdrecord -scanbus'), then this may be caused by a problem with the ASPI driver.

In this case the ASPI driver from Windows should be replaced. There a several alternative drivers, e.g. from Adaptec or Nero. For use under Windows 98/ME the Adaptec ASPI driver 4.60 is recommended, which can be installed using the package ForceAspi 1.8.


Some of the commandline programs used by cdrtfe need DLLs from the cygwin environment, especially the cygwin1.dll. cdrtfe provides this DLL in version 1.5.25, which usually works on Windows 98/ME. In some cases this version causes problems (like BSoD when starting cdrtfe or executing a project). If this is the case, an older version of the cygwin DLLs based on cygwin 1.5.14 can be used. These DLLs can be downloaded from the cdrtfe website ( All three DLLs (cygwin1.dll, cygiconv-2.dll, cygintl-3.dll) have to be replaced. They are located in the cdrtfe program folder in the subfolder tools\cygwin.


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