#4 Put command lines in .toc files


I'd like an option in the .toc files to pass in a
command line for cdrdao. That way I can encapsulate
all knowledge of what I'm building in the .toc file.


  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2001-05-08

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    You mean to store all options but not the command ('write',
    ...) in the toc-file, right?

    What should be the precedence if the toc-file and the
    actual command line contains option? I'd say the actual
    command line of cdrdao should overwrite the options of
    the toc-file.

    I'll put it on the TODO list.

  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2001-05-08
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    • assigned_to: nobody --> andreasm
  • Bryce Nesbitt

    Bryce Nesbitt - 2001-05-08

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    How about: If ANY command line options are specified, the
    options in the file are ignored. If you just feed the .toc
    file to cdrdao it will work. Or, you're free to give your
    own options.


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