#13 TEAC CDW54E w/ BIOS rev. 1.0Y DAO-RAW


First off, there is a typo in the BIOS rev, versions
at TEAC's site. The BIOS revision to 1.1B and/or 1.1Y
is supposed to be 1.0B and/or 1.0Y. ( I know because
I actually own the CDW54E and have reflashed the BIOS
to 1.0Y with that file. As stated on the BlindWrite
website, the revision of 1.0Y adds DAO-RAW support to
the drive, and BlindWrite supports it. (all other
BIOS revisions of the drive do NOT support RAW
modes.) If I select the RAW write mode in cdrdao,
will it work correctly with my CDW54E drive, even tho
your website states that 1.0B (1.1B) only supports
regular DAO? This IS of course true, but the newer
BIOS revision supports RAW. Will the generic raw mode
work with my drive? I will test it, but just
wondering if you knew about this. Thanks


  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2001-10-15

    Logged In: YES

    I don't remeber any reports about raw writing with this
    recorder so far. Just try to use the generic-mmc-raw
    driver and report if it works. It won't destroy your
    recorder if it does not work.

  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2001-10-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> andreasm

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