Drive locks up

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2001-04-03

    when I first bought my cdrecorder (hp 8250i) i was using kernel 2.2.16. Whenever a cd would be done burning, I would have to issue the command:

    # mount /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrom

    to allow me to unlock the drive and eject the tray. I didnt mind this at all -- as long as the cd burned fine. Once I upgraded to any kernel above 2.2.16 (im now using 2.4.2) I get worse problems.

    Sometimes (10%) after burning a cd, I dont even need to issue the mount command. The tray unlocks and everything is cool. But most of the time, after the burn is done, the light will keep flashing on my burner and not allow me to eject at all. After a while (anywhere between 5-48hrs) the light stops and I have to issue the mount command to eject the tray. Added to that, it sometimes even locks my whole system up.

    The burner is fine. It works perfectly under cdrecord. I dont like using cdrecord because it wont do DAO at all for my burner.

    Im using the generic-mmc-raw driver even though the driver tables show the 8250 as generic-mmc. Im guessing i have to use -raw because it detects my burner as an IDE-CD R/RW 4x4x24.

    Any input on these problems would be *greatly* appreciated

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2001-04-10

      I'm having a similar problem (I posted the details in the bug tracker) with my Sony CRX100Ewhere cdrdao exits with errors, but the disk won't eject and the light keeps flashing.  It only seems to happen when I try to write images that use (nearly) an entire 80min disk - somewhat less data (not quite sure yet how much less), and it works fine.  The really odd thing is that when it does this, it never actually burns anything on the disk, even though it claims it is writing.  The disk comes out still blank.


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