#17 Updates to Python ccwsclient lib and wxPython sample


The primary changes in this patch are:

- Switch the CcRest class to using standard Python libraries to reduce dependencies and greatly ease getting started. (I'll need to use this under Win and Mac as well as bundling)

- Set a default root URL for CcRest so that it "just works" without the user needing to explicitly specify a URL. However, if the user does pass in a URL it will be used instead.

- Rename CcRest's issue method to get_license_matching_options, as the issue/answers terminology led me to believe it had something to do with getting help for questions about fields/licensing issues.

- Rework the wx client to use the ccwsclient library.

- Tweak the UI a bit by adding more spacing between controls.

Also, there are a couple issues I was unable to resolve myself:

- Info returned by the REST interface seems not to be complete and/or the latest. The United States isn't listed in "Jurisdiction", and I'm getting 2.0 licenses instead of the 3.0 licenses returned.

- The URL for locales seems to have changed, or else they've been removed. Currently, as before, there is no specific support for locales in CcRest, although the functions take locales as arguments.


  • Kevin Ollivier

    Kevin Ollivier - 2007-10-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> paulproteus
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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