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Posted by Jon Phillips 2008-06-27

Join the cc-devel mailing list!

Hi all, general CC Developer Community discussion and discussion about cctools projects is at: . Join on that list and keep talking about projects.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2007-08-26

libLicense 0.4 Released!

The 0.4 release of libLicense features a reorganization of the code creating three separate packages. This release introduces KDE4 integration, initial internationalization support and a more polished GTK license chooser. In addition to source files, we've released Fedora i386 and source rpms. Soon we will also release debs, for both Debian and Ubuntu, and updated Gentoo ebuilds.

The new version of the license chooser widgets includes an explicit "No license" option and a new warning about unknown combinations of license attributes.

Posted by Scott Shawcroft 2007-08-22

liblicense 0.3 released

We've just released a new version of Liblicense. Liblicense is a library for managing licenses and
license metadata. It allows for querying licenses and their associated rights. Liblicense facilitates the creation of license-aware
applications by ensuring up-to-date license selection and the ability to read and write licenses to a variety of file formats.

Liblicense 0.3 is the first version to feature desktop integration. It now features Gnome Nautilus integration -- license are displayed and can be written from within Nautilus. The integration also takes advantage of emblems to visibly display files as licensed.... read more

Posted by Scott Shawcroft 2007-08-03

ccHost 4.0.1 Bugfix Out and About

As always, the release process finds still more bugs. So, please download 4.0.1 to fix some bugs. Read the ChangeLog if you are curious about the fixes.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2007-03-05

ccHost 4.0 Launched :)

This 4.0 release is a 2-3X performance boost over the last major version.
This release also includes playlists/favorites, an embedded mp3 player,
and a remix radio channels for audio content. A new feature that builds
upon ccHost's usage of standards is the "Publicize" feature whereby
anyone can include lists of information about their profile from
ccHost so that their info may be used around the web in easy-to-use
formats. Also of note with this release is the inclusion of the
recently released Creative Commons 3.0 Licenses, which are
selectable as an administrator.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2007-02-27

ccHost 3.1 Released!

That's right! ccHost 3.1 is now out of the gate for everyone's usage. This is a major feature release with much work completed to help admins with customized installations, a new pseudo-file verifier that could be used instead of/or with getid3, and various other features all around the board.

Please read the release notes for full information about the update.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-10-18

ccHost 3.0.2 Bugfix Release Out

We are quickly launching another bugfix release. Here is the summary from our <a href="">freshmeat page</a>:

We added a skin maker to generate a skin for users and also made a way for one to edit their own sidebar. We fixed the following bugs: More graceful error recovery when menu has been destroyed, empty nav tab set was breaking site, add items to empty menu caused havoc, viewing sample pool item caused errors, remixedby feeds caused errors, deleted user's reviews caused errors, podcast of deleted record broke feed, editing menus for vroots broken, editing properties for sample pools caused errors, fixed up the xspf 1.0 feeds which were breaking.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-09-13

ccHost 3.0.1 Bugfix Release

Yes, we already found a bug that would, upon saving profiles, erase the menus and reset the submission forms. Thus, we are putting out 3.0.1 which you can find in the files section.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-09-08

ccHost 3.0 Released!

Yes, that's right! The latest version of ccHost is released. Find out more at the website: and our page.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-09-08

cchost 2.0.1 Bugfix Release Posted

A few critical bugs were found in the 2.0 release, so this 2.0.1 release is to push for those upgrades.

Please read the ChangeLog and Release Notes for any further information. Also, please upgrade your installation.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-04-03

ccHost 2.0 Released!

ccHost 2.0 is now released unto the world! Please see the press release to see about all the details:

Changes in this release include: Native reviews (w/feed support), One-click ratings, Formatting in user and upload descriptions, Major performance improvements, Radio (M3U), ATOM feed support, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) flag, Profile stats, Bread crumbs navigation, Flagging uploads for site policy violations, "How I Did It" browser, sample pools turned on, import/export settings, feed caching enabled, internationization turned on for user screens, magpie replaced, new ratings admin panel, stricter fairness policies, file verifier handles more "edge cases", activity log enhancements

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-03-29

Upcoming ccHost 1.1 Release

Mike Linksvayer, Victor Stone, and myself met this week and talked about new features for ccHost (and ccMixter). Looks like we are going to push out the next release within the next couple of weeks.

If anyone has any patches or additions, please get them in soon so that we can add them into the mix!

Posted by Jon Phillips 2006-02-02

ccHost 1.0.3 Released

This is a simple point release to sort out some packaging and version numbering issues. Please download, install, use, file bugs and feature requests. See for more information.

Posted by Jon Phillips 2005-11-18